WATCH: Queer Pop Star Fletcher talks about “Sapphic Chaos” on “The L Word: Generation Q” and New Music Video with Kelsea Ballerini

Pop superstar Fletcher has officially broken into the world of acting, and what better place for a queer icon like herself to get her start than The L Word: Generation Q? From this “sapphic chaos” on screen to releasing a new music video for her song “Better Version” with Kelsea Ballerini, Fletcher is definitely a name you are going to want to remember. 

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos sat down with Fletcher to talk about her guest appearance on The L Word: Generation Q, her new music video, and her iconic 2022 album “Girl of My Dreams.”

“It really made sense for me to be a part of an episode that was the culmination of all this sapphic chaos.” Fletcher says about her role in the episode. “It’s such an important show in queer history. Growing up without much representation in entertainment and media, it was such a big piece of self-discovery for me.”

Fletcher goes on to say how appearing on The L Word: Generation Q was “such a full circle moment.” She talks about how when she was younger, she would secretly watch the original version of the series alone in her room. “Little queer me who was so lost and confused, looked to content like this to help validate myself and my sexuality.” This is why this experience was so special to her, “not only am I watching this proud, living my life proud, I’m on this shit.” 

Fans were thrilled to watch Fletcher perform her hit song “Becky’s So Hot” on the show.

On top of all this, Fletcher has made waves with her new music. Most recently, she came out with a new music video for her song “Better Version” featuring country pop star Kelsea Ballerini. 

“To be able to make art with someone that you deeply respect on both a human and artistic level is quite an honor,” she says about her close friend Ballerini. She reveals that “Better Version” is her favorite track on the album and was so touched that Ballerini wanted to be a part of this special song.

The music video “tells the story of two very different experiences in love but also at the same time, shows how they kind of parallel each other. Even though the relationship and all the details are so different, at the core, we all experience these same emotions no matter what the love looks like.” 

Kelsea Ballerini is a part of a new wave of country music stars who are more accepting and outspoken as allies for the LGBTQ community. Fletcher says that “Anybody that’s willing to pose those questions and make a few waves, are the kind of people that actually make a difference… Anyone willing to do that, I think, is a hero.”  

When asked about what’s next for the pop music superstar, she replies “I gotta bring “Girl of My Dreams” international!” She even teases that she’s been working on some new music and hopes to continue her acting career. Fletcher fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. 

New episodes of The L Word: Generation Q are available on Friday nights and air Sundays, only on Showtime. “Girl of My Dreams” is available now wherever you stream music.