Queer Muslims, an activist brutally slain, and America's first gay Hindu wedding: this week's religion news roundup

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Dutch tourists were arrested in Russia under the recent anti-LGBT legislation that was recently passed, and a Russian Orthodox bishop has made it clear that he thinks that marriage equality is a sign of the coming apocalypse.  LGBT Muslims are getting media attention in the media for talking about balancing faith and sexuality during the holy month of Ramadan.

LGBTI Cameroonian adocate tortured and killed

Jewish media outlets have been receiving positive attention for focusing on LGBT members of the community in recent stories. The Jewish Daily Forward featured the first generation of trans rabbis, as well as launching a video called transgender and Jewish to raise awareness.

Disciples of Christ resolve to welcome all in General Assembly resolution

A Catholic celibacy conference is scheduled to include trainings by so-called "ex"-gay therapists and the Pope has possibly chosen a gay man to lead the Vatican Bank, who has since resigned. In the Dominican Republic, Catholics rally to protest the openly gay US ambassador candidate chosen by President Obama.

Catholic celibacy conference will include trainings by ex-gay therapists
Think Progress, 7/15/13
Dominican Catholics organize ‘Black Monday’ protest of gay US ambassador
The Advocate, 7/24/13
Pope Francis’ pick to head Vatican bank mired in gay rumors
The Advocate, 7/22/13

Column: Bible offers conservative Christians ways to navigate new LGBT terrain
USA Today, 7/17/13

Christian Orthodox Church
First tourists arrested under Russia’s anti-gay law; bishop claims marriage equality is ‘sign of the apocalypse’
Towleroad, 7/21/13

Disciples of Christ
General Assembly Resolution: Becoming a people of grace and welcome to all
Disciples.org, 7/16/13

Episcopal / Anglican
Gene Robinson: Time to update our flag
The Advocate, 7/15/13

LGBT group finds acceptance at evangelical college
Edge Boston, 7/13/13

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US witnesses first gay Hindu wedding
Deccan Chronical, 7/22/13

Demand legal protection: It’s okay to be gay at work
Washington Post, 7/15/13

Arson, torture, and murder devastate LGBT activists in Cameroon
Religion Dispatches, 7/16/13

Bravo, now let’s rescue straight marriage
The Times of Israel, 7/9/13
First generation of transgender rabbis claims place at Bimah
The Jewish Daily Forward, 7/15/13
Transgender profiles in Jewish Daily Forward
Transfaith, 7/16/13
Jewish ‘ex-gay’ group faces suit for consumer fraud
Religion Dispatches, 7/18/13

Marriage Equality
The other side of religious liberty and marriage equality
The Christian Century, 7/10/13

Op-Ed: How Mormons evolved from Prop 8 to Pride
The Advocate, 7/12/13


Denouncing queer Muslims violates the spirit of Islam
Huffington Post, 7/10/13
Queer Muslims deserve more than scriptural zealotry
Huffington Post, 7/12/13
Gay and Muslim, living between worlds
KPBS, 7/16/13
Observant gay Muslim balances faith and sexuality
KPBS, 7/17/13

‘Pink Mass’ has made Westboro Baptist Church founder’s mom gay in afterlife, Satanists claim
Huffington Post,  7/18/13
Police expect to file charges after ‘pink mass’
WTOK, 7/20/13

Two Spirits rising
Dallas Voice, 7/12/13

United Church of Christ
UCC minister takes marriage equality campaign back on the road in the South
UCC.org, 7/18/13