WATCH: "Quantum Leap" star Mason Alexander Park on Show's "Exciting Twists and Turns," Queer Representation, “Sandman,” and More

After almost 30 years, ‘90s sci-fi series Quantum Leap is back with a brand-new reboot on NBC. Fans, new and old, can look forward to time travel adventures and an exciting new cast. GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by Mason Alexander Park to talk about their role of Dr. Ian Wright.

Park talks about how grateful they are to be a part of this new wave of LGBTQ inclusion in the media, specifically in sci-fi. “I think it's cool because I grew up loving this genre in particular. I think part of the reason I became an actor was because I fell in love with Spielberg films and fell in love with world building and the chaos.”

Park, like their character Ian, is non-binary. They go on to explain how important it is to have queer characters whose storyline doesn’t solely revolve around them being queer. “I feel really grateful to be a part of this new generation of queer characters that exist in the story but don't exist because they are trans or because they're non-binary. I think it is unbelievably rare still to this day.” 

The actor is hopeful that by playing this role on network television, it will open more people’s eyes up to the fact that trans and non-binary people are just people. “We’re everywhere. I think that people have become so insular and unaware of the fact that your cashier at this place or your waiter here or your friend… we're surrounded by queer individuals all the time.” They go on to explain that by airing on NBC, “We get to come into people's homes all the time. We're invited to be a part of people's routines, which is an honor… I'm excited to see what the ripple effects of this kind of inclusion will have.”

Park also talks about their role in the hit Netflix series The Sandman. “I think it's one of the most important queer shows that's ever been made,” they say. The Sandman is another sci-fi series that allows the largely queer cast of characters to exist in an exciting, magical realm. “I've never seen more people of color and more queer people of color in the leading capacity in a show like this before. I’m honored to get to be one of those individuals and to just exist in that way.”

Park says that there are so many “exciting twists and turns” that fans will get to see this season.  New episodes air weekly Monday nights at 10pm on NBC and are available the next day on Peacock.