Pulse Survivor Brandon Wolf and Queer Muslim Activist Blair Imani call out Tucker Carlson at the GLAAD Media Awards

When Tucker Carlson calls out progressive voices on his Fox News Channel show, social media lights up and the subject of the segment is too often bombarded with violent and hateful messages. Two young leaders who recently experienced this spoke at the GLAAD Media Awards to call an end for Carlson’s brand of inciting his viewers to target voices from the LGBTQ and other marginalized communities.

Author, advocate, and social media force Blair Imani and Brandon Wolf, a gun reform advocate who survived the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, took the stage at the 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on Saturday, May 5th to deliver a powerful call for unity against anti-LGBTQ and anti-Muslim rhetoric by right-wing media, especially Tucker Carlson.  

Imani, a proud Black Muslim, also called for the audience to donate to GLAAD to fight hate speech using Tucker Carlson’s name. Several guests made donations in Tucker Carlson’s name.

Tucker Carlson Donation

Last week Carlson joked and laughed during a discussion about the Pulse nightclub shooter and in the process, unleashed a fury of online hate against survivor Brandon Wolf, who was singled out in the segment for criticism of Vice President Mike Pence. Within minutes of Carlson's on-air attack, Wolf’s social feeds were filled with Carlson viewers who wished violence and harm on Wolf.

When Brandon Wolf and GLAAD demanded that Carlson admonish his followers, the hateful host doubled down, going as far as to falsely call Brandon a liar.

Brandon Wolf

Brandon shared his experience on Saturday night from the GLAAD Media Awards stage, saying: "This week Tucker Carlson decided to come after me. He mocked me and other survivors like me. He laughed at our pain. I received the ugliest messages you can possibly imagine on my feeds – including death threats."

Blair and Brandon

Wolf was joined onstage by Blair Imani, who herself had been attacked by several in Carlson’s audience when she came out as a queer Muslim woman last year on his program. Imani and Wolf spoke in unison to call on Carlson to "condemn the type of vitriol" that incites to threats and hate speech, and demanded the same of any media personality or platform that leads to hate against LGBTQ people.”

In a moment of intersectionality and solidarity that reflected the theme of the night, Imani said: "I am a queer Muslim woman. Brandon is a Pulse survivor. The media tried to turn our communities against each other - LGBTQ vs. Muslim - and we stand together."

You can stand with Blair and Brandon by retweeting and calling for change from Tucker Carlson and his show’s producers.

GLAAD reached out to Tucker Carlson Tonight’s producers: Brian Storey, Alexander McCaskill, Elizabeth Fanning, and Charles Couger. They have not replied.