Puerto Rican administration no longer defending marriage ban

The Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla and his administration chose to drop their defense of the island's marriage equality ban. Pedro Julio Serrano, formerly of the LGBTQ Task Force and now President of Puerto Rico Para Tod@s, an LGBTT rights organization, welcomed the decision.

"The governor today has placed himself on the right side of history. For many years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transexual people have been so mistreated, that when we are affirmed it feels marvelous. And more so when the government finally recognizes one for one's complete human dignity," Serrano said.

Puerto Rico Para Tod@s joined the marriage equality case brought forward by Ada Conde and Ivonne Alvarez. Conde and Alvarez were married in Massachusetts and brought the case to the court in Puerto Rico because they wanted to have their relationship recognized in their home. The couple are raising a daughter together and wanted to make sure that they could make important medical decisions as a family.

"Struggles aren't won in one day. They are a product of the sacrifices of many people. Today is a great day. It's a historic day. I've always said-equality is inevitable," Serrano affirmed.

Marriage equality still has not come to Puerto Rico, however, warns Serrano.

Puerto Rico now joins the other jurisdictions waiting for the final word from the Supreme Court.