Public voting is open for the Italian Diversity Media Awards

Today, just one day before the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, the Italian Diversity Media Awards (DMA) has opened voting for the DMA nominees to the public. Diversity, the Italian association organizing the awards, works to reduce prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people. Organizers of the Diversity Media Awards are modeling the event after the GLAAD Media Awards. 

Among the categories considered for the Diversity Media Awards are Cinema – Outstanding Italian Film, TV – Outstanding Program, and People – Person of the Year. Take a look at the people and works the LGBT community in Italy is celebrating this year – here is a glimpse at the DMA nominees. 

GLAAD looked at the nominees, and wanted to share a few highlights among them. 

Nominated in the category of Cinema – Outstanding Italian Film is Né Giulietta né Romeo, a comedy about 16-year-old Rocco who falls in love with another boy at school and decides to come out to his parents as gay. When his parents don't take the news well, Rocco runs away to a gay icon's concert, forcing his mother and grandmother to take a journey of acceptance to find him. Watch the trailer below:  


Also nominated for Outstanding Italian Film is Io e lei, translated as Me, Myself and Her, starring Margherita Buy and Sabrina Ferilli. It tells the story of two women, Federica and Marina, whose long term relationship starts running into problems. The film casts the lesbian couple as protagonists in a romantic comedy, following their daily lives to show that an LGBT couple is like any other with its ups and downs. Watch the trailer below:  


In the category of TV – Outstanding Program, one nominee is the Italian reality show, Vite Divergenti. The show is devoted to sharing stories of transgender people as well as their every day lives and struggles in Italy. Several individuals are also nominated for the Diversity Media Awards for their activism for the LGBT community. Among the nominees for People – Person of the Year are Barbara D'Urso, Italian TV actress and new gay icon, and MIKA, British singer songwriter. MIKA came out as gay in 2012 and released a song about the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry in 2015. Watch "Good Guys" below:   


The Diversity Media Awards have also nominated several foreign series including The Bold and the Beautiful, (which is simply called Beautiful in Italian), Grey's Anatomy and Faking It, which have also been nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards. Vote for you favorite nominees on this site. The DMAs are scheduled to be held in Italy this May. Click here to learn more about the nominee selection program and visit Diversity to see a full list of the DMA nominees. You can also learn more about the GLAAD Media Awards, to be held in LA on April 2, 2016 and in NYC on May 14, 2016.