Pride month begins with support from leading media, businesses, politicians


Just one week into 2016's LGBT Pride Month and advocates, celebrities, politicians, and companies from across the country are already uniting in their public support for equality and acceptance.

Leading media companies--many of which have dedicated youth and young adult audiences--have been standing proudly on social media, showing that acceptance is both the right thing to do and integral to the quality of their content.

MTV shared No ID Required, a campaign launched by MTV News to amplify the voices of members of the LGBT communities with various labels capturing their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Teen Vogue has created original content listing inventive ways for their followers to participate in Pride. 

Tumblr even shared a banner featuring the site's logo in the colors of the bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, and polysexual, and LGBT flags. 

NBCUniversal, AT&T, and Bloomberg LP have all acknowledged how far the LGBT community has come, while commemorating those who continue working tirelessly for full equality.

Other companies and organizations have taken a stand in the fight for equality by creating LGBT-affirming ads and shareable social media content. Delta honored the LGBT community's dedication to the movement for full equality. Whirlpool made a post saying “Love (and chores) makes a family” with a pile of towels aligned in the color of the rainbow on top of a washer and dryer. TED Talks are using the month to raise awareness of what it is like to be a member of the LGBT community in different places across the world. Amtrack made a friendly offer saying, “Enjoy every moment of #PrideMonth, leave the driving to us.”

Politicians as well have taken this opportunity to proudly share their support for Pride. President Obama affirmed the LGBT community's dignity and ongoing advocacy in a speech, and publicly voiced his allyship on Twitter. Hillary Clinton expressed her gratitude towards the LGBT movement and Bernie Sanders shared a celebratory message for Pride. David E. Price, 4th Congressional Disctict Representative of North Carolina posted a picture on his twitter account in favor of equality and calling for the repeal of the discriminatory law, HB2.

Celebrities have also begun sharing their support for Pride, including YouTube star and musician Trevor Moran, who came out as gay last year, and Tony Award-winning actress and singer Sara Ramirez, who is a dedicate ally to the LGBT community. She's spent much of this week promoting Pride on social media and advocating on the ground for fully equality.

Pride month is in full swing. With posts of support from a wide range of people, organizations, and businesses showing their support for the LBGT community, this year's Pride promises to be visible and memorable.