President Obama issues World AIDS Day 2013 proclamation

Sunday December 1, 2013 was the 25th Annual World AIDS Day. It is a day we are called to remember all those who have lost the battle against HIV and AIDS and acknowledge that there are still millions who struggle living with the virus. It is a day to recognize that the fight against HIV and AIDS is not over and a time to address the negative stigma against those living with the virus.

President Obama honored the day by issuing a proclamation promising that his administration "remains committed to reducing the stigma and disparities that fuel this epidemic" and how the Affordable Care Act will help those living with HIV.

My Administration remains committed to reducing the stigma and disparities that fuel this epidemic. Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will require health insurance plans to cover HIV testing without any additional out-of-pocket costs. It will also prohibit discrimination based on HIV status and eliminate annual benefit caps. Under this law, we have already expanded Medicaid for working class Americans and banned lifetime limits on insurance coverage.
We will win this battle, but it is not over yet. In memory of the loved ones we have lost and on behalf of our family members, friends, and fellow citizens of the world battling HIV/AIDS, we resolve to carry on the fight and end stigma and discrimination toward people living with this disease. At this pivotal moment, let us work together to bring this pandemic to an end.