Powerful episode of FOX's 'Star' puts Amiyah Scott in the spotlight

The musical drama Star, which airs Wednesday nights on FOX, will expand the storyline of trans character Cotton, played by actress Amiyah Scott who is also trans herself. Lee Daniels, the creator of both Empire and Star, discovered the New Orleans' native on her Instagram.

The show, set in Atlanta, centers around three aspiring singers, sisters Star and Simone and their friend Alexandra, who form a girl group to pursue music stardom. Star and Simone's godmother, Carlotta, takes the girls under her wing but is skeptical of the music industry's influence on them based on her own previous experience. When Carlotta gets too protective, her trans daughter Cotton steps in to guide the girls, and they develop a sisterly bond with each other.

In an interview with OUT Magazine, Scott describes the dynamic: "The girls look to Cotton as a big sister, and the way her story unfolds is gonna break down so many barriers. I'm anxious to see this light shined on a community that hasn't really been pushed to the forefront."

Cotton's relationship with the girls grows stronger throughout the season, but the one with her mother stalls as Carlotta struggles to fully support and accept her transgender child. 

In episode eight, Cotton's story will take center stage. Cotton recently began dating a man, and when Cotton introduces him to Carlotta, their relationship takes a turn for the worse. Carlotta suggests they invite Pastor Harris (Tyrese) to meet with them and offer counsel. In the trailer for Wednesday's episode, a confrontation appears to take place between Cotton, Carlotta, and Pastor Harris about Cotton's journey as a transgender woman. In previous episodes, the show hasn't shied away from tackling serious topics, including substance abuse, Black Lives Matter, and police violence. Hopefully, this episode will shine a light on the importance of family acceptance for LGBTQ people. 

The stars from the show share a behind-the-scenes look at Cotton and why her story resonates. 

Tune in Wednesday at 9/8c on FOX to see how the Cotton's story unfolds. Watch the trailer below and catch up on all the episodes leading up here