Pope Francis, discriminatory B&B, and Methodists for marriage equality: Religion News Summary for 9/25/13

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Read about Pope Francis and LGBT people

Catholics and LGBT activists are abuzz after a recently published interview in which Pope Francis criticizes the church for obsessing over social issues like abortion and gay marriage. Francis' comments come after an earlier interview in which he affirms that the judgment of LGBT people is wrong.

Read about religious liberty and LGBT rights

After the screening of a documentary about LGBT Seventh – Day Adventists, titled Seventh-Gay Adventist, some Adventist clergy and church members seemed to soften their views on LGBT rights. This development comes after solidly Seventh-Day Adventist town passed an ordinance extending benefits to the partners of LGBT town employees.

Read about the installation of the first openly gay Lutheran bishop

More and more Methodist pastors are defying canon law and preforming ceremonies blessing the relationships of LGBT couples. The United Methodist Church still remains split over issues of LGBT rights and does not have an approved liturgy for the blessing of LGBT couples.

Anglican / Episcopal
West Virginia Episcopal church to bless unions of LGBT persons
WOWKTV, 9/22/13
First openly gay Episcopal bishop to address Houston chapter of Americans United
Sugar Land Sun, 9/21/13
New film chronicles life of Episcopal priest who was outspoken LGBT advocate
The Christian Science Monitor, 9/21/13

Florida church welcomes Boy Scouts spurned by Baptists
UU World, 9/23/13
AWAB lauds Pope's remarks
APB News, 9/20/13

Nigerian archbishop decries homosexuality as "aberration"
The Guardian (Nigeria), 9/23/13
Cardinal Dolan lauds pope's comments

The New York Times, 9/22/13
Pope Francis says church is obsessed with social issues
The New York Times, 9/19/23
An interview with Pope Francis
The New York Times, 9/19/13
Pope's remarks strike chord in Chicago
Chicago Tribune, 9/19/13
Pope Francis and the LGBT community
The Advocate, 9/19/13

General Christian / Non-Denominational
Anti-LGBT B&B in UK to close
The Global Dispatch, 9/22/13
"Another view of gay debate"
Portland Press Herald, 9/21/13"
"Ex-Gay therapy and dangers of the pulpit in Southern Mississippi"

The Hattiesburg American, 9/20/13
Summit studies religion and LGBT people
Argus Leader, 9/20/13
Scott Lively: Rainbow belongs to God

The Freethinker, 9/19/13
Op-Ed: Christian and Queer

The Advocate, 9/19/13
Pastor lauds Russian anti-LGBT law
The Advocate, 9/18/13
Pat Robertson: San Antonio ordinance unconstitutional
Huffington Post, 9/18/13
Kansas LGBT Christian summit is good
Huffington Post, 9/17/13
LGBT activists blast 'Religious Liberty Bill"
The Advocate, 9/19/13

New Indian calendar to feature transgender models, not Hindu deities
Gay Star News, 9/22/13

LGBT Muslims make progress towards equality
The Advocate, 9/23/13

Rabbi's rally around Shapiro in support of marriage equality
The Philly Burbs, 9/20/13

Methodist / Wesleyan
Pastor forces gay church member to stop volunteer work
Patheos, 9/22/13
Ethics show to focus on marriage equality

The Pueblo Cheiftan, 9/21/13
Methodists non united when it comes to marriage equality
The Times Union, 9/20/13
More Methodist pastors defy church law by performing weddings for LGBT couples
Charisma, 9/19/13

Bulgarians defy church and march for LGBT rights
NECN, 9/21/13

Steve Young speaks at Mormon LGBT conference
KQED, 9/19/13

Seventh - Day Adventist
Some Seventh-Day Adventists change view on LGBT inclusion
Patheos, 9/23/13