PolicyMic Gives us 9 reasons to love openly gay snowboarder Belle Brockhoff

PolicyMic has provided a profile on the openly gay Australian Olympian, Belle Brockhoff.

Sometimes called "Australia's most vocal athlete about Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws in the lead up to the Winter Olympics," Belle Brockhoff is an Olympic snowboarder and a gay person. But what's interesting about Brockhoff is that while she recognizes that both are important parts of her life that intersect in many ways, she doesn't let one define the other. Yes, she's a gay athlete, but she's also just an athlete — a world-class one — and wants to be respected as such. She's very active on Facebook and Twitter, and has joined multiple campaigns as an advocate for gay rights.

She'll be competing in the snowboard-cross at Sochi, but before you see her hit the slopes, here are nine great things about Belle that make her an athlete, and a person, worth watching.

Among the reasons listed are, "She came out publicly in response to Russia's anti-gay laws," and "She's representing so many other LGBT athletes."

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