Platinum-selling songwriter Desmond Child puts his familly in the spotlight

Desmond Child, the songwriter and super-producer behind Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" and a host of other platinum-selling hits, tells his own story of love and family as a gay man. TWO: The Story of Roman & Nyro follows Desmond Child and Curtis Shaw Child's journey raising their sons, Roman and Nyro, in Nashville, TN.

The documentary traces the couple's relationship; describes how they found a surrogate mother, Angela Whittaker; and weaves a story of burgeoning parenthood.  Ryan and Nyro are the heart of the film, candidly narrating moments of the family's history. "We're in a two-dad family. I'm proud of it," says Nyro.

Released in 2013, TWO promotes LGBT visibility within the South, and demonstrates the expansive potential of LGBT relationships. About parenting, Desmond jokes, "It takes a village, but in our case it took the Village People." With Father's Day around the corner, TWO's upcoming DVD release is timely and important.

Nine-year-old Roman steals the spotlight and says, "It doesn't matter what the government thinks—if they like us or not. We like us. So, every family has rights." LGBT families matter, and TWO reinforces just that. TWO gives LGBT love "a good name."