Pier Kids: The Life was spurned by traditional studios, so they take the project directly to you

Pier Kids: The Life" is a documentary that follows the lives of three LGBTQ homeless youth of color that gather on Christopher Street and the surrounding area piers in New York City every night. The documentary reveals the ongoing homeless LGBT youth problem, even in the midst of the many successes towards LGBT equality. 

Director Elegance Bratton took the film to several mainstream media outlets with no success. The studios acknowledged the importance of the film but not important enough for financial backing. Proctor and Bratton turned to Kickstarter to help them raise the funds for the project. With a humble budget of $30,000, the Kickstarter Campaign has already raised $15,000 since the campaign's launch on November 1, 2013. But half of the budget is still needed to finish production of this very important documentary.

We are determined that the film will be finished and playing in a film festival near you within the next two years. That said, this timeline depends on how swiftly we can raise completion funds. In addition to our Kickstarter campaign, we are continuing to solicit funds from foundations and individual donors. Please note that your Kickstarter rewards will be fulfilled as swiftly as is humanly possible. If you have any questions please be sure to contact us. Thank you for your support!

To learn more about "Pier Kids: The Life" and to help in the film's production, go to KICKSTARTER.com. For more on the relationship with the studio, visit Queerty.