PHOTOS: Pride around the world

The month of June, brings millions of people around the world to march for LGBT equality. In some countries where the LGBT community faces a great deal of discrimination and prejudice, such marches are significant.

This June, the streets of Istanbul became full of color and pride as 10,000 individuals marched through the city in support of LGBT rights, making the march the Muslim world's largest pride march yet.

"In Turkey, we all have difficulty exercising our rights," one participant, identified by AFP news agency as Aykut Yanak, said. "This is why we must fight and why we all walk together today."

Although being LGBT is not criminalized in Turkey, the conservative views in Middle Eastern countries make it difficult to openly identify as LGBT. The march received a lot of backlash from religious organizations yet the march remained peaceful.

In Oslo, Norway thousands showed to show support for LGBT rights. The march was led by Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang along with other local politicians.

Check out pictures from Pride Marches from around the world:

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