PHOTOS: #MoralMonday joins forces with the #repealHB2 rally in North Carolina

Following today's earlier rally against discriminatory law HB 2, Reverend William Barber II and Moral Monday protesters held a second rally in North Carolina to speak out against HB2.

"Moral Mondays" is a weekly protest in North Carolina held to resist racist and discriminatory policies and political issues. Reverend Barber initially organized Moral Mondays as a response to issues including voter right suppression and cuts to programs like unemployment benefits and public education in 2013. Today, Reverend Barber and Moral Monday protesters assembled at the State Capitol to join the hundreds of people who have been protesting HB 2 all day.

HB 2, a discriminatory bill that became law in North Carolina in March 2016, is an attack on trans people and prohibits transgender individuals from using public restrooms in line with their gender identity. Today, GLAAD's Alexandra Bolles joined protesters at both rallies, where advocates and religious leaders spoke out against HB 2. See some of the tweets on and pictures from the Moral Mondays rally below.


Click here to learn more about HB2, and visit TransEquality to see how you can help repeal HB2. Please also refer to GLAAD's "Debunking the 'Bathroom Bill' Myth," a guide on how to cover stories related to LGBT nondiscrimination.