PHOTOS: LGBTQ advocates and allies unite against hate in Mississippi state capitol

Over one hundred of LGBTQ Mississippians and their allies gathered in the Magnolia State’s Capitol on Sunday, December 11 for the “United Against Hate” rally for social justice and march to Governor Phil Bryant’s Mansion.

“United Against Hate” hosted in partnership by GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. The rally also included a moving performance of “My, My Mississippi” from regional choirs and ensemble groups, and remarks from the song’s creator, award-winning songwriter and producer, Tena Clark.

In an op-ed for the Jackson Free Press, Tena wrote:

“My Mississippi is not full of hate. Some of the most incredible, loving people in the world have roots here—artists, writers, musicians, activists. America and the rest of the world may only see discrimination and oppression, a state without progress. But I know we're better than that. As someone who knows and loves Mississippi, I cannot stand by as this pattern continues to happen. I refuse to be OK with discrimination, with hate. I refuse to be OK with, "That's just the way it is in Mississippi."

Along with Tena, speakers included included, Rob Hill, Mississippi-state Director at HRC; Ross Murray, Programs Director, Global and U.S. South at GLAAD; Erik Fleming, Director of Policy at ACLU Mississippi;Derrick Johnson, President of Mississippi Chapter of NAACP; Episcopal Rev. Ed Bacon; Mississippi Representative Kathy Sykes; Elizabeth Calhoun Quinn; Rev. Chuck Poole, Northminster Baptist Church; and more.

As part of the broader My Mississippi campaign, GLAAD spearheaded #MyMississippi, a digital campaign for all people who have ever called the Magnolia State home to make their voices heard on why LGBTQ acceptance and equality are important. Let us know what Mississippi means to you on social media using #MyMississippi to share stories, videos, photos, and more for a chance to have it featured as part of the #MyMississippi campaign.

Here is how you can get involved with #MyMississppi: 

  • Post pictures, videos, and messages across social media using #MyMississippi
  • Create original artwork for #MyMississippi and share it far and wide
  • Write open letters to local politicians explaining why all Mississippians need full equality and acceptance. A couple of examples of open letters are on GLAAD's blog, including pieces by Nykolas Alford and Amanda Watson.
  • Share your story with local media
  • Join GLAAD for the rally in Jackson at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 11

Check out GLAAD’s photos from the rally below: