PHOTOS: GLAAD at the Chinese Rainbow Media Awards

On January 17, GLAAD was in Beijing, China to celebrate the Chinese Rainbow Media Awards. GLAAD's Director of Program, Global and US South, Ross Murray, brought greetings and offered support for recognizing media representations that accelerate acceptance for LGBT people in China.

Held since 2011, the China Rainbow Media Awards are the first ever Chinese media awards with a focus on LGBT issues. The China Rainbow Media Awards seek to direct media in a way that is diverse and positively representational of LGBT issues, aiming to create a more accepting social environment in China. They are modeled off of the GLAAD Media Awards.

"The Chinese Rainbow Media Awards recognize the power of the media to help people understand and accept LGBT people," said Murray. "We are happy to support the Chinese Rainbow Media Awards, recognizing and rewarding the stories that accelerate acceptance for the LGBT community in China and around the world."

The Chinese Rainbow Media Awards recognized the support of GLAAD, talking about a sisterhood partnership between the two organizations to further advocacy activities, the use of new media, and cultural exchanges. "We are hoping this will lead to more conversations between various Western countries and China, help shape a better media narrative, and eventually create a better LGBT environment for everyone." said Liangma "Sam" Liang, Director of The Chinese Rainbow Media Awards.

The Rainbow Media Awards recognized CCTV host Qiu Qiming as the China Rainbow Media Special Contribution Award. Qiming has paid attention to LGBTI issues for many years. He publicly supports LGBT communities and tirelessly promotes an accepting society; a society moving away from conservatism and traditionalism; a society embracing diversity. His programs have enabled a better public understanding of LGBTI issues, and have contributed positively to the elimination of stigma and prejudice.

In his Special Contribution Award acceptance video, Qiu Qiming states: "Discrimination itself is not that scary, yet when discrimination becomes normalized, it runs counter to justice and fairness. The gay community should be able to enjoy the sunshine, just like everybody else."

Additionally, the following news reports were awarded:

Best Magazine/Newspaper Report - Vista Kan Tianxia: "She Talked with Officials of the Ministry of Education about "Homosexuality" in Textbooks"

Best Online Report -  Net Ease News: "Images of China's Gay Community"

Best Video Report - Phoenix Television: "Phoenix Big Vision: In My Name - Authentic Records of the Gay Community"

Best English Report - Global Times: "No pride on campus"

People's Choice Award - NetEase News: "Seven Chinese Gay Couples Go to the United States to Marry." The People's choice Award was for the story of the seven same-sex couples who entered an online contest sponsored by Alibaba, and won a destination wedding to Los Angeles, where they were married by West Hollywood mayor, Leslie Horvath. GLAAD supported this campaign by sharing the story of the couples with media, as well as photos of the wedding. One couple returned to the United States in November to tell their story at the GLAAD San Francisco gala.

The China Rainbow Media Awards was organized by the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute and eleven other Chinese organizations, and are modeled after the GLAAD Media Awards. The 2016 China Rainbow Media Awards Ceremony was co-organized together with the United Nations Development Program. 

Check out some photos below.