Photos: Comic Book Store Celebrates Comic Book Wedding with an Actual One

This morning at Midtown Comics Downtown in NYC, the store delayed its opening until 10:30 AM for a truly special occasion. Comic book fans Scott Everhart and Jason Welker tied the knot beneath a banner displaying a couple of Marvel's characters doing the same. The wedding was timed with the release of Astonishing X-Men #51, which features the highly anticipated wedding of comic characters Northstar and his partner Kyle.

The scene included an in house band doing their own rendition of "It's Raining Men" and the theme song to Spiderman, as well as a slew of cameras from various reporters capturing the scene. They cut a cake adorned with images from famous Marvel weddings printed onto fondant. See more photos.

They even had the official wedding documents signed on site!

The ceremony was small and private, and represents just a tiny portion of the celebration that is taking place across comic book stores nationwide today as the issue is released. Be sure to go pick up a piece of comic book history today!

The couple moved onto the Eventi Hotel right across the street from our GLAAD NYC headquarters for a reception.

Check out more pictures in the full photo album.