PHOTOS: Archie Comics feature TV icon George Takei and husband Brad

TV icon and equality advocate George Takei and his husband, Brad, pay a visit to Riverdale in the latest issue of Archie Comics, Towleroad reports.

When Archie frontman Kevin Keller is asked to write about someone who inspires him, he picks Takei, who came out as a gay man in 2005.

"It's reflecting the diversity of America, and embracing that diversity as a positive," Takei tells USA Today of his cameo. "There I am not only as a gay man but as an Asian-American gay man and I'm idolized by Kevin. Him and his gang travel to a sci-fi convention. How much more American can you be?"

Takei, alongside Kevin Keller writer Dan Parent will be at Midtown Comics in NYC tonight at 9pm ET to sign copies of the issue, which hits stores today.

In June, Takei joined GLAAD and Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell, who was ousted as leader of her son's Cub Scouts pack because she's gay, at NYC Pride to take a stand against the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policies.

Take a look at George Takei's visit to Riverdale below, and be sure to get your copy here.

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