Photographer turns anti-marriage protest into support for GLAAD

After adding a rainbow filter to his business' Facebook profile picture after the Supreme Court marriage equality decision on Friday to show his support, Clinton Brentwood Lee of Brentwood Photography, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, received both support and criticism.

In response to the profile photo change, one of his clients contacted him to let him know that the client and their fiancé would no longer be using Brentwood Photography's services for their wedding because they only support marriage between a man and a woman.

Lee's reply to the ex-client has garnered him a lot of support on the Internet. In his reply, he stated: "At Brentwood Photography, we see love in all forms." The ex-client had also asked for a refund on their retainer. Lee explained to the ex-client that, as stated in his contract, the retainer is nonrefundable and instead, he will be donating the sum to GLAAD. Lee has posted the screenshot of the exchange on social media, and the photo alone on Facebook has received more than 81,000 likes.

GLAAD thanks Clinton Brentwood Lee and Brentwood Photography for their donation as well as their unwavering support for acceptance and equality.