Photographer Jen Rosenstein's "Transformational Project" Features Transgender Subjects highlighted a new project by photographer Jen Rosenstein that focuses on the trans community. The "Transformational Project" will consist of images of transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people around the country. Rosenstein previously published a book of portraits that she took of transgender people in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and hopes to take her continued work abroad. 

Speaking about the project, Rosenstein told, "This is a platform for the trans community to express themselves any way they want, and my chance to help a community that doesn't really have a voice." She also discussed her own identity as a lesbian and someone who is butch, and how this relates to the project. After posting flyers for a photo call at New York City's LGBT Community Center, Rosenstein photographed a number of transgender participants who spoke about their life experiences.

Riya Morrison, a 21-year-old homeless trans woman of color from Jamaica, spoke about her life before coming to New York and the challenges she has overcome to be herself, saying, "I became introverted and put up a wall because I realized that if I stayed quiet, people didn't make fun of me. I'm breaking down that wall now." 

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