PHOTO: The LA Times features its first ever LGBT supplement with Frontiers Media

The Los Angeles Times, one the country's most circulated newspapers, featured its first ever LGBT supplement today in all its copies. The supplement was produced by Frontiers Media and Flip in honor of LA's upcoming Pride weekend.

Frontiers is the oldest and largest LGBT magazine the Southern California, having been around more thirty years and boasting 90,000 readers.

Frontiers commented on the supplement's release:

It's the eve of L.A. Pride weekend—the moment when Angelenos and visitors gather to celebrate being out and living among friends throughout our many diverse neighborhoods. As a 33-year-old gay publication, from the days when press freedoms did not always seem a sure thing, the newly revamped Frontiers is in a unique position to observe and report on gay life. Our partner in this project, Flip, led by Tom Whitman, is the premier integrated marketing agency helping major brands connect to and engage with the LGBT community authenti- cally and effectively. Throughout this issue we show a community that is tolerant, accepting and open. And we examine how those under the gay rainbow enliven and enrich their local environment.

Within the supplement, LA residents were asked, "What is Gay LA?" and news editor Karen Ocamb explored the questions, "Who really won the sexual revcolution?" and "What do gays have that straight people want?" in an essay.

Throughout LA Pride, Frontiers will be covering the events via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Copies of the LA Times featuring Frontiers' supplement are available now. Check out the cover below: