Phoenix trans activist Monica Jones appeals "manifestation" conviction, with support from Laverne Cox

Monica Jones, a trans woman of color activist and Arizona State University student in Phoenix, filed an appeal on Tuesday of her conviction for "manifesting prostitution," a city ordinance that sanctions behaviors like flagging down passing cars and asking whether someone is a police officer. Jones' attorney leading the appeal, Jean Jacques Cabou, says that the law does not draw a line between what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

The ACLU and Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox are supporting Jones' appeal efforts. Cox has previously spoken out on Jones' behalf and joined her at a press conference about the appeal.

"Laws like this manifestation law really support systematically the idea that girls like me, girls like me and Monica, are less than (others) in this country," said Cox.

Jones was arrested by undercover police officers after accepting a ride from them to a local bar near her home. Her attorneys have noted that the officers described Jones' outfit as a "black, tight-fitting dress" and misgendered her repeatedly. Advocates have noted that the Phoenix law allows police officers to profile trans women of color based on assumptions.

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