Petition launched to #FreeEisha, a trans woman of color arrested after she was attacked

A trans woman of color, Eisha Love, is currently facing attempted murder charges after she was attacked by two men outside a gas station on Chicago's West Side. According to a petition calling for Love's release from prison with over 2,000 signatures at this time, she was with a friend when two men began harassing them with slurs and epithets, and Love was struck in the face.

As Love and her friend rushed to escape the attack in their car, one of their attackers standing near the vehicle was permanently injured. Later, Love turned herself in for the injury and was charged with 1st degree attempted murder. If convicted, she faces 10 years in prison.

Love is not the first trans woman of color to face criminal charges after being attacked. Trans woman CeCe McDonald's story gained national attention when she was arrested and later sentenced for the death of her attacker, Dean Schmitz. McDonald was also targeted with slurs and epithets, and was bleeding from a drinking glass thrown at her face by one of her attackers before police arrived and arrested her at the scene. Many advocates have said that McDonald was "punished for surviving."

You can read more about Eisha's story and support her by signing and sharing this petition, and by using hashtag #FreeEisha on social media.