Petition calls for ACC baseball tournament to be moved from North Carolina

A new petition calling on the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Baseball Championship to move out of North Carolina in response to the harmful law, HB-2, is gaining steam. The petitioner says this tournament has no place in a state that discriminates against its LGBT community.


The author, South Carolinian Jim Prater, is calling on the ACC to follow in the footsteps of other organizations and businesses that have moved from North Carolina, comparing this situation to one from the ACC's past. Prater, a graduate of Clemson University in the Palmetto State, writes in the petition:

As a South Carolina resident, a Clemson University graduate, and a long time ACC supporter, I remember when the ACC moved its tournament out of South Carolina due to the Confederate Flag that flew on our State House grounds. Now, I am calling on the ACC to send a similarly strong signal of its support to all North Carolinians - just as it has done before - and take this tournament to another state, where all citizens are treated fairly and equally under the law.

GLAAD was on the ground in Raleigh, North Carolina, this past Monday taking part in a day of actions to #RepealHB2, including a press conference hosted by the NAACP, NCTE, Equality North Carolina, and others; as well as Moral Monday rally to stand in support of full equality and acceptance, and speak out against discriminatory policies.

North Carolina's HB-2 has been actively opposed by businesses, performers, advocates, and organizations because of its discriminatory nature. HB-2 asserts that state law overrides local nondiscrimination ordinances for LGBT people, and forces people to use the bathroom of the sex listed on their birth certificate rather than their actual gender identity, along with overriding all local ordinances addressing employment, wages, or public accommodations.

​You can make your voice heard and keep up the pressure by signing the petition today for the ACC to move this baseball tournament out of North Carolina.​