Performer Sophie B. Hawkins Speaks Out About Bullying, Will Participate in #SpiritDay

Performer Sophie B. Hawkins, who is currently starring in a Los Angeles stage production of Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin, will be wearing purple during her performance as Joplin this Friday in support of Spirit Day. The play has received rave reviews and has sold out three weeks of performances.

Regarding her stance against bullying and how it relates to the role she’s currently playing, Hawkins said, “The bully is trying to kill that part in themselves which the gay child represents: love, vulnerability, and a passion for creativity. The gay child must survive and learn to love themselves, and through this journey, like what Janis Joplin was able to with her music, the bully will be inspired to do the same. Then the onslaught of hatred will become an onslaught of love.”

Take a stand against bullying and support LGBT youth by participating in Spirit Day on Friday, October 19. To get involved, simply go purple on October 19 as we work to create a world in which LGBT teens are accepted for who they are. You can download GLAAD’s Spirit Day resource kit which contains tools to get your local community involved. Spirit Day participants can also spread the word and tell their friends they’re standing up against bullying, download the Spirit Day app for iPhone and Android, and text PURPLE to 80888 to donate $5 to support the important work GLAAD, GLSEN and The Trevor Project do every day to end bullying and support LGBT youth. Another way to celebrate Spirit Day is to encourage the presidential candidates to come out against bullying by signing a new petition asking them to wear purple on October 19 and visit the American Apparel #SpiritDay store to get your own purple gear with a 10% discount and 10% of proceeds going to GLAAD.