PepsiCo: We support #SpiritDay

PepsiCo joins a growing list of companies, schools, TV shows, websites, and celebrities going purple for #SpiritDay on 10/19. Indra Nooyi, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, said in a recent statement to GLAAD that not only is she personally an LGBT ally but “PepsiCo is proud to be an ally” to the community as well. Nooyi voiced PepsiCo’s support of #SpiritDay and anti-bullying efforts, saying “creating a culture of respect and trust is… the source of our strength.” Below are Nooyi’s comments in full:

I am personally proud to be an ally and PepsiCo is proud to be an ally. As a global food and beverage company, we need a team that reflects the diversity of our consumers. And that starts with creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, including our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, suppliers, trade customers and partners. Creating a culture of respect and trust is part of PepsiCo’s values and it’s the source of our strength in the marketplace. That’s why we’ll need the unique talent and insights of today’s students and young people to lead our company in the future. We commend GLSEN for their leadership and support GLAAD’s anti-bullying efforts as part of Spirit Day.

#SpiritDay is next Friday, 10/19! Join PepsiCo, GLAAD and millions of others as we stand up against bullying and show our support for LGBT youth. See who else is going purple for #SpiritDay here!

Nothing to wear? Visit American Apparel's official Spirit Day store and look good while giving! Use discount code SPIRIT at check out for an exclusive 10% Spirit Day savings. From 10/12 - 10/19, American Apparel will also donate 10% of all purple proceeds to GLAAD.

You can also get involved by downloading GLAAD’s Spirit Day resource kit, which contains tools to help turn your community purple in a stand against bullying. Spirit Day participants can also spread the word by telling their friends that they’re going purple on 10/19. Or, you can text PURPLE to 80888 to donate $5 to support the important work GLAAD, GLSEN and The Trevor Project do every day to end bullying and support LGBT youth.

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