Patchwork Nation

A current report from the Movement Advancement Project has maps that show the patchwork of rights and protections in the different states-some protect LGB people but not transgender people and some have no protections at all.  Take a look at the full report here:

Take a look at the local coverage on LGBTQ issues so far this year in Spanish language media in key states within the context of what rights exist or not in that state.   Media coverage leads to higher rates of support for equality.

Where do you live?  Are you protected?  Is your community being covered?


SB 1062 became a national news story and was covered locally as well.  Reporters Maritza Lizeth Felix, Samuel Murillo and Catalina Navarro talked about the protests, the veto and new discriminatory laws that are being considered in their respective papers.


Lorely De Leon reported on the new policy of gender neutral bathrooms at the downtown campus of the University of Houston.


Camila Mendoza informs the community in Miami that reggaeton singer Ivy Queen is starting off her tour in support of marriage equality in a Miami venue and quotes the singers' statement that love is love and that she hoped that marriage equality would soon come to the state.


Ana Gamboa covers two resolutions that have been introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate, one to legalize marriage equality and the other to protect against LGBT discrimination.  Arturo Varela profiles a gay, latina, poet and her new work.


Walter Gomez wrote about Emilio Vicente's run to be the first gay, undocumented student body president at the University of North Carolina.