Over 100 AIDS advocates on board downed Malaysian flight

The Associated Press is reporting that over 100 AIDS advocates and researchers headed for The 20th International AIDS Conference were among the 298 passengers aboard downed Malaysian Airlines flt. MH17. The exact number has not been confirmed as of yet, but the devastating news has already impacted the conference and the delegates who have already arrived. Australian news reports confirmed Prof. Joep Lange, a former president of The International AIDS Society, as a passenger. Activists and advocates alike have taken to Facebook and Twitter desperately trying to find out information and expressing their incredible sadness for all those on MH17.

The devastating tragedy of flt. MH17 will impact us all as a whole and will leave a void in the hearts of the delegates attending The International AIDS Conference. GLAAD shares the loss of all those on flt. MH17 and will keep their family and friends in our thoughts. 

HIV advocate Sean Strub posted the following statement on his Facebook wall:


GLAAD will keep you updated on the tragedy of flt MH17 as more information is available.