Out vocalist Billy Gilman stuns judges in 'The Voice' blind audition

On tonight's all new episode of The Voice, out singer Billy Gilman auditions and stuns the judges as all four judges turn their chairs to get him on their teams. Gilman, who as a child previously opened for judge Miley Cyrus' father on tour, speaks with the panel about finding his sound and image now.

Cyrus, who came out as pansexual last year, said, "I'd love to help you now become the new Billy. Because I had to make that decision and I know how I want people to see me and I am very clear about that. So, I would love to help you be clear to people about who you are."

Alicia Keys continued, "What you really accomplished, which is the greatest success to me, is the ability to stand here and be your best you and it is very inspiring."

Check out Gilman's blind audition below and tune in to The Voice tonight at 8pm on NBC to see who he chooses to be his coach.

Gilman became the youngest singer to chart a Top 40 hit on the country music charts at the age of 11 with his debut single "One Voice" in 2000, and his debut album of the same name went on to be certified double platinum. He came out in 2014 after being inspired by country singer Ty Herndon's coming out. Gilman posted a video sharing his story where he said, “I’ve been an advocate for so many things in my life that I thought why not now be an advocate for me and the cause that I believe in with my whole heart I felt it was time for me to be honest and to be truthful." Gilman and Herndon both performed at the first ever Concert for Love and Acceptance last year in Nashville, presented by GLAAD and Herndon.

Tune in to The Voice tonight at 8pm on NBC to see more from Gilman.