Out and very visible: the couple starring in Chile's newest reality show

It's called Happy Together and it will soon air in Chile's leading TVN network, and it's the story of two men in love, Julio Cezar Dantas and Juan Pablo Fuentealba. The series, which premieres October 27, follows them as they decide whether to start a family. Fuentealba, an architect and Dantas, a sociologist, have spent many years working to improve the lives of LGBT people, as founders of Fundación Todo Mejora Chile (It Gets Better), and this docu-reality is their way of helping fellow Chileans know more about LGBT people.
This is an exciting time for Chile where, on October 22, the law allowing civil unions took effect. For more, follow Michael Lavers' coverage in the Blade. Debates about adoption by same-sex couples and about allowing transgender people access to proper identification are also taking place in Chile.
GLAAD has worked with Julio and Juan Pablo for many years now, and we couldn't be more excited for them as they make their debut. Those of us outside of Chile will be able to watch the show the same day it airs there, by visiting http://www.tvchile.cl/