Oregon's Kate Brown will become America's first ever openly bisexual governor

On Wednesday, Kate Brown will take office as Oregon's governor. She will make history as the nation's first ever openly bisexual sitting governor, the only openly LGBT state governor at the moment, and just the second openly LGBT governor in America.

Vox reported that the soon-to-be Governor has an extensive career with the Democratic party and a track record of working to make marriage equality a reality.

Vox wrote of Brown's experiences before coming out as a bisexual woman:

Brown has spoken extensively about the difficulties she faced being closeted — and then being outed. During her early law career, she was "terrified" she'd lose her job if her employers found out she was dating a woman. "I was walking on eggshells the whole time," she said in Breaking Through, a documentary about LGBT politicians. "Like I couldn't be who I am — I'm not free to be myself. It feels like you're cutting off your legs or your arms. It feels like you can't be a whole person."...She continued: "It's challenging to be up-front about who you are with people, and it's really challenging when there are not a whole lot of other people like you."

Now, as an openly bisexual woman and advocate for LGBT equality, Brown is bringing visibility to the bi community like never before. As an established politician, she (like first openly bisexual Congresswoman Krysten Sinema, first openly lesbian Senator Tammy Baldwin, and other LGBT politicians) is modeling the heights that LGBT woman can reach in shaping the nation's culture.

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