Openly gay radio host Enrique Santos gets his own TV show

Enrique Santos is no longer just a voice on your radio, he's now the host of his own talk show El Palenque de Enrique Santos on Univision's UniMás. Santos has a successful career in radio, and has a daily morning broadcast, "The Enrique Santos Show," where he interviews a wide variety of celebrities. Also known for celebrity prank calls, Santos became infamous for successfully prank calling Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Santos is an out Latino man who has worked his charm, humor and bilingual abilities to attract radio listeners and is now set to win over viewers. You can listen to the "Enrique Santos Show" on your location Univision radio station or at Watch him daily on El Palenque de Enrique Santos on UniMás (5PM Eastern, 4PM Central, and 5 PM Pacific).