Open letter to FDA from medical professionals

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April 16, 2020

To the United States Food and Drug Administration Blood Products Advisory Committee,

We -- the undersigned infectious disease and HIV specialists, public health professionals, clinicians, healthcare administrators, trainees and researchers -- recommend an immediate reevaluation of the FDA’s 2018 “Revised Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” and an overturning of the scientifically outdated ban against MSM blood donors.

As you well know, we are on the precipice of a critical nationwide shortage of blood products. On March 18, 2020, Surgeon General Jerome Adams pleaded with the American public for blood donations in the wake of an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in an estimated 86,000 blood donations according to the American Red Cross. This severe shortage could be alleviated if antiquated restrictions lacking scientific data were responsibly lifted. According to a 2014 study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, eliminating the MSM ban would result in an estimated 360,600 MSM donors being able to donate an additional 615,300 pints of blood per year. Moreover, lifting the MSM ban would increase the number of convalescent plasma donors, a promising treatment for COVID-19.

We are collectively obligated to immediately create policies and promote public health interventions that effectively address the many downstream crises created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the 1985 blood donation ban against MSM, the science of HIV testing -- particularly the use of pooled nucleic acid testing -- has revolutionized our capacity to identify individuals with HIV attempting to donate blood.  HIV nucleic acid testing is nearly 100% sensitive and narrows the window period to approximately 10 days from the time of infection. Banning men from blood donation for at least a year since their most recent sexual encounter with a man is unscientific and based on outdated antibody-based HIV testing algorithms.  Fortunately, we can reliably test for HIV using antigen-based assays and maintain the safety of the U.S. blood supply.

While the FDA’s recent decision to shorten the prohibition window to 3 months is a step in the right direction, it does not go far enough in reversing the unscientific ban.

A broad ban against MSM blood donors does not take into account the actual risk behavior in question that could jeopardize blood supply safety -- very recent condomless anal or vaginal intercourse with a partner with HIV viremia -- engaged by those regardless of sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation. Mexico, Russia, as well as several countries in Europe, Central America, South America, and Asia have no MSM ban on blood donation.  Many countries, such as Italy and South Africa, have adopted a more rational, evidence-based, and effective risk-based assessment instead of blanket bans which only serve to stigmatize a group of potential donors and limit the pool of donors at this critical juncture in public health. A 2013 study found that after eliminating the MSM blood donation ban in Italy, there was no increase in the proportion of donors found to have HIV who were MSM versus non-MSM. Policies and protocols which focus on targeted screening for specific high-risk behaviors, regardless of sexual orientation, are a much more scientifically rigorous and non-discriminatory approach to maintaining a safe blood supply. In fact, MSM in monogamous relationships, those on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, and those who consistently use condoms have a particularly low risk of HIV acquisition.

While changing policy and implementing such changes in the field are logistically challenging, the COVID-19 pandemic is asking us to step up and revise regulations that no longer serve the greater good. We are not advocating for relaxing standards that would compromise the safety of our blood supply. Instead, we advocate for scientifically-driven standards that uphold the utmost safety of the blood supply and simultaneously promote equity and reverse historical discrimination in blood donation.

As such, we recommend an immediate reevaluation of the FDA’s 2018 “Revised Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” and an overturning of the scientifically outdated ban against MSM blood donors.

With respect,

Deborah Cohan, MD, MPH and Monica Hahn, MD, MPH, University of California San Francisco,

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Signatories as of April 16, 2020 (*Affiliations listed for identification purposes only)

Chesa Cox, MPH; UCSF
Jennifer Karlin MD PhD; UCSF
Jessica Briggs MD; UCSF
Cynthia Gutierrez; UCSF Hive
Katherine Brown MD; University of California San Francisco
Brenda Goldhammer, MPH; UCSF
Iman Berrahou, MD; UCSF
Mark Wilcox, MD; UCSF
Holly Cost CNM; University of California San Francisco
Donald Graves, MD; Sutter Health
Rebecca Martinez, MS, RN, FNP-C; UCSF
Janeen Rojas, RN, MS, NP; UCSF
Rodney L. Wright, MD; Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Marcela Smid MD MA MS; University of Utah
Gregg Alleyne, MD; Drexel University College of Medicine
Caitlin Dugdale, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital
Shannon Weber, MSW; PleasePrEPMe, University of California San Francisco
Ele Lozares-Lewis, MD; AAHIVS, Santa Rosa Community Health
Kara Myers, CNM; UCSF
Saba Berhie, MD; Northwestern University
Kate Swanson, MD; UCSF
Parya Saberi, PharmD, MAS; University of California, San Francisco
Edwin D. Charlebois, III, MPH, PhD; University of California San Francisco
Rebecca Thal NP-C; Family Health Center of Worcester
Carolyn Chu, MD; UCSF
Meg Newman, MD FACP; UCSF
Nicky Mehtani, MD MPH; UCSF
Anne Mardy, MD; UCSF
Rupa Marya, MD; UCSF, Do No Harm Coalition
Ronald Goldschmidt, MD; UCSF
Jerrine R. Morris, MD, MP; UCSF
Soraya Azari, MD; UCSF
BJ Miller MD; UCSF
Bryn A Boslett, MD; University of California, San Francisco
Roland Zepf, PhD, RN; University of California, San Francisco
Judy Levison; Baylor College of Medicine
Kaylan Agnew, MSc.; UCSF Global Health Sciences, Miracosta Community College; Seacrest Village Katzin Memory Care Facility
Anthony Sayegh, MS, RN, FNP-C, AAHIVS; UCSF
Dennis Richard Dentoni-Lasofsky, RN; UCSF
Meredith Warden MD, MPH; Kaiser Oakland
Montida Fleming, MD; UCSF
Duron Aldredge, MD, MHS; UCSF Family and Community Medicine
Meredith Greene, MD; UCSF
Jasmine Patel, MD; University of Southern California
Leilah Zahedi-Spung, MD; Washington University in St. Louis
Joshua St. Louis, MD, MPH, AAHIVS; Tufts University
Julia Marcus, PhD, MPH; Harvard Medical School
Mai-Anh Tran Ngoc; University of Rochester
Laura Gottlieb, MD, MPH; University of California, San Francisco
Rita Hamad, MD, PhD; University of California San Francisco
Hali Hammer, MD; Physician
Marcus Leung; Private citizen
Dani Baurer, MD, MA; UCSF Family Medicine Resident
Anna Hines FNP, MPH; SFDPH
Rachel Stones, MD; UCSF
Martha Tesfalul, MD; UCSF
Elaine Lee, MD MPH; UCSF
Mukund Premkumar, MD; UCSF
Hannah Snyder, MD; UCSF
Rev. Rob Newells; APEB (AIDS Project of the East Bay)
Linh Vo; UCSF
Kevin Weiler; Valley Community Healthcare
Allison Coleman, MSW; Healthcare Management
Dale Hughes; Amaad Institute
Rebekah Kaplan, RN, MS, CNM; UCSF
Ryan Sample, ACSW; AMAAD Institute
Jennifer Balkus, PhD, MPH; University of Washington
Annelys Roque Gardner, MD; UCSF
Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD; UCSF
Virginia C. Leslie, MD; Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Calvin Chin, MD; UCSF
Kelly Treder, MD, MPJ; Boston Medical Center
Katherine Wei, MD; UCSF
David English MD; SFDPH/UCSF
Jennifer Kanenaga, RN, MSN, NP; San Francisco General Hospital
Eva Raphael, MD, MPH; UCSF
Brian Abascal, MFA; Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center, UCSF
Desert AIDS Project, Director of Legal and Legislative Affairs
Amanda R. Oropeza, MD; CHAS Health
Shanna R. P. Livermore, MPH, MCHES®, FRSPH; USC
Timothee Fruhauf, MD MPH; Johns Hopkins Hospital
Brigid Reilly CEC CST; B-lovin life Coaching
Helga Sigvaldadottir; UCSF Project Policy Analyst
Jason Cummings
Hannah H Leslie, PhD MPH; Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
James Rouse Iñiguez, MA, MS
Margaret Hutchison, CNM; UCSF
Carlos Mora, Behavioral Health Clinician; San Francisco General Hospital
Ariel Zodhiates MD; UCSF
Marielle S. Gross, MD, MBE; Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics
Heather Orton, MSN, FNP-C; AAHIVS
Jaekyu Shin, PharmD; University of California San Francisco School of Pharmacy
Naomi Wortis, MD; UCSF Dept of Family & Community Medicine
Chan Park; UCSF School of Medicine
Nicolas Derr Reyes, MD; UCSF Family and Community Medicine
Angel C. Fabian, MNA, MD; Fijare Bien Program/MPact
Benjamin Sokoloff, DO; University of Massachusetts
Amy Min, PharmD, BCACP, AAHIVP; Temple University School of Pharmacy
BSRN, MSN; SFGH (retired)
Mary Shiels, RN, MS, CNS; Ward 86
Elizabeth Gatewood, DNP, FNP, FHC; SFGH
Lydia C. Leung, MD; UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine
Andrea Grosz, MD; SFDPH
Michelle Tabajonda; TruEvolution
Jyothi Marbin MD; UCSF
Aaron Austin, MPH student; The George Washington University, Milken Institute of Public Health
Talia Eisenstein, MD; UCSF
Ann Chahroudi, MD, PhD; Emory University School of Medicine
Asmara Gebre RN, CNM; UCSF OBGYN Faculty
Constance Liu, MD/PhD; Physicians for Reproductive Health
April Pettit, MD, MPH; Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Allegra Gordon, ScD; Boston University
Irene Ly, MD; UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine
Alan Curtis Wands, PA-C; Family Health Center, S.F, CA
Anya Desai, MD; UCSF-FCM Residency Program
Johana Oviedo, MD MPH; Physicians for Reproductive Health
Christopher Min, PharmD, BCCP; Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Sophy S. Wong, MD; East Bay Getting to Zeo
Mickye Adams, Chair OB; Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Diana Wu, MD; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Guy Vandenberg, MSW, RN; UCSF
Renee Heffron, PhD MPH; University of Washington
Jae Sevelius, PhD; UCSF
KJ Cottrell, MD; Well Clinic
Kirk Read, RN
Craig S. Weeks, MD; Community Health Connections, Inc.
Annette Lista, PharmD, BCCCP; Houston Methodist Hospital
Joseph Hinojosa, MD; Vybe Urgent Care
Stanley Cohan, MD PhD; Providence St Joseph Health
Ivonne McLean, MD; The Institute for Family Health
Ellen Schwerin, MPH, IBCLC; UC-Berkeley
Pamela Peters, MD; UCSF
Juliana E. Morris, MD, EdM; University of California San Francisco
Fay Dillof, LCSW; DEM
Noelle Martinez, MD MPH; UCSF
Carl Stein, MHS, PAC; California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco
Isabel Lee, MD; UCSF, Dept Family and Community Medicine
Lena Serghides, PhD; Scientist, University Health Network
Kira Levy, MS, MD; SF DPH
Daniel Pound, MD; University of California, San Francisco
Hannah Fadenrecht; Western University of Health Sciences
Sharon S Yu, PharmD, AAHIVP; Mount Sinai Hospital
Stephanie Lin Constantino, MD; Family Health Centers of San Diego
Cleophas d'Auvergne MD., MPA, AAHIVS; OECS RCM
Douglas Brust, MD PhD; FSU
Carlos R Ortiz, MD, MPH.; Guaynabo Medical Mall
Marley Rashad, MD; UCSF
Joel Ang MD FAAFP AAHIVS; Sibley Hospital, Johns Hopkins
Sarah A. Rojas, MD, MAS, AAHIVS; Family Medicine
Angela Kapalko, PA-C, MS, AAHIVS; Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers
Jonathan S. Appelbaum, MD, FACP, AAHIVS; Florida State University College of Medicine
Brian K Goodroad, DNP, APRN, CNP, FAANP; Metropolitan State University
John Gerwig PA-C; Johns Hopkins University
Tonda P Jackson, MSN, FNP, BC; AHF
Elliot Goodenough, MD PhD; Drexel
Thomas W Panzella PA-C; SUNY Downstate
Jeffrey Birnbaum, MD, MPH; SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Angela G Giovanniello, PharmD, AAHIVP, LAc; Montefiore
Kristin Brownell MD, MPH; FHCSD
Andrea Knittel, MD PhD; University of North Carolina
Milena Murray, PharmD, MSc, BCDIP, AAHIVP; Midwestern University
Grace Kim, MD, MPP; UCLA
Monica V. Mahoney, PharmD, BCPS AQ-ID, BCIDP; Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Jessica Meisner MD, MS, MSHP; UTSW
Leah Miller MD MPH; Community Medical Center Missoula MT
Christina Johnson-Barger; Linn County Community Services- Ryan White Part B Services
Danny Toub MD, AAHIVS; Santa Rosa Community Health
Amanda Bressler, BS; Erie Family Health Centers
Lindsey Childs-Kean, PharmD, MPH; BCPS University of Florida
Brian McCullough, PharmD; Husson University School of Pharmacy
Lisa L. Abuogi, MD, MS; University of Colorado, Denver
Ben Ereshefsky, PharmD, BCIDP; Kaweah Delta Medical Center
Kristy D. Johnson-Pich, DO, AAHIVS; Medical Advocacy & Outreach
Jeff Little, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, FACHE, FASHP; Saint Luke’s Hospital
Melissa Rotz, PharmD BCPS; Temple University
Jessica Adams, PharmD; University of the Sciences
Judith Tinkelenberg, CNM Nightingale; Nightingale Birth Center
Kurtis B Mohr, MD, AAHIVS; Premise Health
Kerilyn Petrucci, PharmD
Paul Algeo, Medical Provider
Lauren Wedekind, MSc; DPhil Candidate at University of Oxford and NIH
Rena Patel, MD; University of Washington
Dr. Gideon Stitt, PharmD, BCPPS, BCCCP; Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Aadia Rana, MD; UAB
Roseann Day, MD; Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency
Kristina Sanderson; JLL
Hattie Clark Grundland, RN, NP; ZSFG, Family Medicine
Lauren Stupar; National Clinician Consultation Center
Ashley Crystal Rojas; Executive Director, Fresno Barrios Unidos
Houda Dardari, PharmD, AAHIVP
Madeline King, PharmD; University of the Sciences
Jenny Tan, MSN, NP
Helen Horvath, RN, MS, NP; UCSF
Erika Shea, CRNP; PHMC
Katherine Sue Stuart, RN; California Nurses Association
Alyssa Gould, PharmD, BCIDP; Novant Health
Sapna Kalsy; PPSWO
Margaret Stafford, MD; UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine
Philip J. Bolduc, MD, AAHIVS; Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School; University of Massachusetts
Angel Wong; Dignity Health
Lin Mel MD; Grady
Betsy Wan, MD; UCSF
Jonathan Rapp, MD, MS, BSPH; University of California San Francisco
Rona Renner, RN
Renata Smith, PharmD; University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Martin B, Van Dort MD; UPMC Susquehanna
Michelle Flucke, PharmD, AAHIVP; Walgreens
Larry Stanfield, RPH; Walgreens Specialty
Kelsey Williams, PharmD; Massachusetts General Hospital
Amy Fabian, PharmD; BCPS Baptist Health
Sheyam Ladwa, PharmD AAHIVP; AAHIVM
Monica Childers, PharmD
Wendy Bullington, PharmD; Medical University of South Carolina
Maureen O’Keefe, CRT         
Veronica Zafonte, PharmD, BCIDP; Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Mary C. Magee, R.N; SEIU Local 1021
Alison Moed Paolercio, RN MSN      
Sara Newmann MD, MPH; UCSF
Lora White PharmD; City Market
Alexandra Yonts, MD; Children's National Hospital
Charles B Smoot, MD
Hailey Wilson, MD; Whiteriver Indian Hospital
Mary B Markovich, RN, MSN, ANP; VAMC
Laura Goetzl MD MPH; UT Health
Debbie Bamberger, RN, MS, WHNP-BC; UCSF
Corlina Johnson, APRN-BC; Foundcare, West Palm Beach, FL
Jeff Taylor; HIV+Aging Research Project, Palm Springs
Ravi Venkatesh MD; KP
Eduardo Garcia, M.D; UCSF
Esther M Johnston, MD, MPH; HealthPoint
Thomas Luong, MD; UCSF Family and Community Medicine
Jolie LeBlanc, MD, AAHIVS; LSU Health Sciences
New Latthivongskorn, MD, MPH; Family and Community Medicine, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
Sheetal Sharma, MD; CAN Community Health
Trudy Singzon, MD MPH; San Francisco Dept of Public Health
Philip Winternheimer, FNP-C, MSN; Eskenazi Health
Krystina Begonia, MD; UCSF
Ronald H. Labuguen, MD; UCSF
Brittni Boyd MD; UCSF
Trina Mansour MD; UCSF
David Klein MD; UCSF
Dr. Amy M. Autry; UCSF
Arthurine Zakama; University of California- San Francisco
Amanda Compadre, MD; UCSF
Tamandra Morgan, MD; UCSF
Aileen Portugal, MD; UCSF Obstetrician Gynecologist and Reproductive Science Resident Physician
Maura Jones, MD; UCSF OBGYN
Richard J Haldeman III, PA-C  AAHIVS; AAHIVM
E. Nicole Teal, MD, MPH; University of California, San Francisco
Erin Pederson, RN, BSN; University of California San Francisco
Temesgen Woldeyesus M.D.; UCSF
Molly Siegel, MD; UCSF
Deanna Teoh, MD, MS, FACOG, FACS; University of Minnesota
Elsa Heros, CNM, MSN; Mercy Hospital, Portland, Maine
Moupali Das, MD, MPH; Gilead Sciences
Jessica Zorn, R.N., B.S.N.; Addiction Medicine
Karishma Oza, MPH; DuPont Clinic
Margaret S. C. Arias, MD MPH; UCSF Resident
Maya Scott-Chung, MPH, CMT; SFSU MPH
Sarah Goodman, RN, AGPCNP; SFVA
Vanessa Ross, CNM, MSN; Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Tricia Cerone; UCSF
Lealah Pollock, MD MS; University of California San Francisco
Olivia Song Park, MPH, MD Candidate, Class of 2020; UCSF SOM
Jessie Schwiesow, MPH; Unity Wellness Center
Yolanda Tinajero, MD; UCSF Ob/Gyn Resident
Noor Chadha, 2nd year medical student ; UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program
John E Swartzberg; UC Berkeley
Rachel Mernoff; Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Douglas Jutte, MD, MPH; Build Healthy Places Network
Sharada Narayan, MS; University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
Kamran Abri, BA; UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Joey Chiang MSc, MD Candidate; UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Joanna Mandell, MD, MS; UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Phoebe Miller MS (MD 2022); UCSF
Katie Gutierrez; UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program
Janet Perlman; UCSF
Anthony Nardone, MS, MS, MD candidate; UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Megan Orlando, MD; UCSF
Alison Aronstam, MS; UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program
Karen Sokal-Gutierrez, MD, MPH; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Shelene Stine, MD; University of California, Berkeley
Rini Banerjee Ratan, MD; Columbia University Medical Center
Michelle Finkel, MD; Presser-Finkel Medical Group, Inc
Iris Jovel, MD; UCSF
Susan Elizabeth Spratt, MD; Duke Health System
Edward Machtinger, MD. Professor of Medicine; University of California, San Francisco
Fedelma McKenna RN MSN CNM; SNHMC
Janesta Noland MD; Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford
Nate Bohm-Levine; UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Chiara Corbetta-Rastelli, MD; UCSF
India Harville, MA; Loving the Skin You Are In
Bradley Heinz; UCSF Medical Student
Daniel Pham; University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)
Neal Baer, EdM, AM, MD;  Harvard Medical School
Mary Scheib RN MSN FNP; SF Department of Public Health
Brenly Rowland, MS, MD Candidate 2022; UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program
Mark Rudolf, M.S.; University of Virginia
Amelia Dmowska; Medical Student, UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program
Nicole Tantoco, MD, MPH; University of California, San Francisco Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences
Christopher Johns; Medical Student at University of MN
Haruna Aridomi; UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program
Madeleine Kane, MS2; MS2, UCSF-UCB Joint Medical Program
Amber Naresh, MD MPH; Tulane University School of Medicine
Matthew Linz, BS; Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Biftu Mengesha MD MAS; UCSF
Daniel Grossman, MD; University of California San Francisco
Dominika Seidman, MD; University of California San Francisco
Anonymous, MD; University of California San Francisco
Christopher Hoover, MPH; UC Berkeley
Tyler Chervo, BS, MPH Candidate; University of California, Berkeley
Bianca Argueza, MD, MPH; UCSF
Juan González, BA.; UC Berkeley School of Public Health / College of Environmental Design
Daryl Mangosing, MPH; UC Berkeley
Nicole Perales, MSc; University of California Berkeley
Jan Bing Del Rosario; UC Berkeley
Cornelis Elmes. MD; NorthBay Healthcare
Sam Zakkour, PharmD, AAHIVP; National Clinician Consultation Center
Perrie Briskin, MBA/MPH; UC Berkeley
Ashley Wagner; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Angela Monahan; University of California, Berkeley
Julia Tubert, MPH Candidate; UC Berkeley, School of Public Health
Christopher Rouillard; UC Berkeley Graduate School of a Public Health
Kendall E. Lee, BA; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Jessie Jaeger, MPH, MCP; UC Berkeley
Andrea Jacobo, MPH; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Mercedes Scott, MPH; UC Berkeley
Nianyi Hong, MA; UC Berkeley
Margae Knox, MPH; UC Berkeley
Jolene Kokroko, MD MPH; UCSF OBGYN Residency
Mariah De Zuzuarregui; UC Berkeley MPH
Suzanne M. Dufault, MA; University of California, Berkeley
Ariana Bennett, MPH; UC Berkeley
Shalini Chatterjee, MPH/MSW 2022 UC Berkeley School of Public Health and School of Social Welfare
Antonia Biggs, PhD; University of California, San Francisco
Aidan McLoughlin Biostatistics MA Student; UC Berkeley
Michelle Chen; UC Berkeley
Seghel Yohannes, B.A, Grad student
Tracy Lam-Hine, MBA; UC Berkeley School of Public Health Doctoral Student
Rachel Wallace; UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy
Julia Kramer; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Justin L Bullock MD, MPH; University of California, San Francisco
Heather Amato, MPH; University of California Berkeley
Jessie Wesley, MCPPH; University of California, Berkeley
May Lim; Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Pratima Gupta, MD MPH; UCSD
Curtis Sera; UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medial Program
Kathleen McHugh, MD; Medstar
Nicole Boyd, MD Candidate; UCSF School of Medicine
Reed A. Dimmitt, MD, MSPH; University of Alabama at Birmingham
Karen Meckstroth, MD MPH; UCSF On, Gyn & RS
Kate Walrath; UC Berkeley, School of Public Health
Christopher V. Chau, DrPH, MPH, MS, RDN; University of California, Berkeley
Naomi Stotland MD; UCSF
Andrea Jackson MD, MAS; University of California San Francisco
David Connell; UC Berkeley
Kay Walker, Medical Student; UCSF
Ayesha Appa, MD; University of California, San Francisco
Anshu Gaur, BS; UC Berkeley UCSF - Joint Medical Program
Mallory O. Johnson, Ph.D.; UCSF
Elyse Katz, BS, Expected MS 2020, Expected MD 2023; UCSF- UC Berkeley
Laura Pliska; UCSF
Claire Boone MPH; UC Berkeley
Alice Gandelman MPH; University of California San Francisco
Corinne Rocca, PhD; UCSF
Jeremy Pivor, MS; UC Berkeley - UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program
Kathy Tran, PhD, MPH; UC Berkeley
Jeff Burack, MD, MPP, BPhil; East Bay AIDS Center
Veronica Gonzalez, MD; University of California, San Francisco
Brittany Quy, BA; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Pamela Murnane, PhD, MPH; University of California, San Francisco
Emily Estus; UC Berkeley
Jessica Grubman, MD; University of California, San Francisco, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences
Sarah Johnson, MA; University of California, Berkeley
Nina Oberman, MPH; UC Berkeley
Roselyn Paratore, MPH '21; UC Berkeley SPH
Aminta Kouyate MS1; UCSF
Jessica Ross, MPH Student; UC Berkeley
Molly Kirsch, MPA; UCSF Ob/Gyn dept.
Rebecca Hémono, MPH; UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology
Benjamin Delikat; UC Berkeley
George N. Louis; UCSF/ZSFG OB/GYN Administrative Assistant
Deborah Anderson, MS; UCSF
Athena Nguyen; UC Berkeley
Gail M Cohen, MD, MS; Wake Forest Medical School
Kimia Pakdaman, MPP; University of California, Berkeley
Roxana Rodriguez, BA; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Dani Behonick, Ph.D; University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health
Jessica Kim, MD; UCSF
Lujain Al-Saleh, BS, MPH 2020 candidate; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Chandrajit P. Raut, M.D., M.Sc.; Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
Francesca Rubino, MSPH; UC Berkeley
Hannah Peters; UC Berkeley
Jeremy Gottlieb, MD Candidate UCSF; UCSF
Nicole D. Bloom, MA, PMP; University of California, San Francisco
Rachel L. Kaplan, PhD, MPH; UCSF
Anu Manchikanti Gomez, PhD; University of California, Berkeley
Motohisa Takai, M.D.; UC Berkeley
Meagan Morse, RN; UCSF
Rachel Maas, MPH(c) ; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Marvin Miranda MD MPH; The Permanente Medical Group
Douglas Martin (MD in progress); UC Berkeley/UCSF
MS, FNP; San Francisco Department of Public Health
Siobhan Hayes, MPH; UCSF
Laeesha Cornejo, MS3; UCSF
Elizabeth Li, MPH; UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Amia Nash, MS Graduate Student
Clair A. McDevitt, MA N/A
Amber Akemi Piatt, MPH; Human Impact Partners
Sara Crowder MD; Gynecology Specialists
Chan Park, Expected MD 2020; UCSF SOM
Nikko Gonzales; UCSF
Elaine Hsiang; UCSF School of Medicine
Ángel Rosario, MPH; UCSF School of Medicine
Omar Mesina, MS4; UCSF
Ram Wolman; UCSF
Ezekiel Adigun, MD; UCSF
Elizabeth McCarthy, BS; UCSF
Sarah Abboud, PhD, RN; University of Illinois at Chicago
Natalie Hernandez, MD Candidate 2021, MPH Candidate 2020; UCSF School of Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Lily Barnard, MD Candidate 2020; UCSF
Linda Yu, BS; UCSF School of Medicine
Dr Christina Antenucci; MetroHealth Medical Center
Lily MacIver MPH & MCP; University of California, Berkeley
Elise Cabral, MD candidate; UCSF
Ammar Joudeh, AB; UCSF School of Medicine
Lucia Calderon; UC Berkeley SPH
Lillian Lai, BS; UCSF
Melissa Leanda; University of California, Berkeley
Jacquelyn K Callander, MD Candidate 2020; UCSF
John W Callander, MD Candidate 2020; Tulane University SOM
Crister Brady, MD MPH; UCSF
Ellen Tsay, BS MS; UCSF School of Medicine
Sophie Crinion, MD Candidate, Class of 2020; University of California, San Francisco
Melissa Galinato, PhD; UC Berkeley
Leslie Lane, MD; La Clinica/CompHealth.
Dino Gonzalez MD; AAHIVS
Sabrina Boyce, MPH; UC Berkeley
Andrea Zengion, ND, MS, CNM, WHNP-BC, LAc; UCSF
Elizabeth Faber, RN, FNP; SFDPH
Melissa Lynch, MD; Vituity
Monique Biega, RN; UCSF
Anonymous PhD, Federal Reserve
Paul Sousa BSW, CADC II; Sacramento Area S.T.O.P. Hepatitis Task-Force
Albertina Prins, RN, FNP; San Francisco Department of Public Health
James Connolly, MD;, New York Presbyterian- Weill Cornell
Paula J. Lum, MD MPH; University of California, San Francisco
Holly Cost CNM MSN; University of California San Francisco
James Dieterich MD; Mount Sinai
Eleanor Drey, MD, EdM; UCSF
Cory Johnson, MD MPH; UCSF
Gabriela Chateau, MD; UCSF
Libby Burch, MD; Pediatrics UCSF
Gabriel Devlin MD/CM; UCSF
Alexander Werne MD; UCSF
David Blair, MD PhD; UCSF
Michael Smith, MD; UC San Francisco
Mohammad Mertaban ; UCSF
Priya Pathak MD, MPH; UCSF
Martha Muna, MD; UCSF
Danielle Perez, MD; UCSF
Kayla Karvonen MD; UCSF
Daron Vandeleur, MD; UCSF
Minkyung Shin, MD; UCSF Pediatrics
Daniela Brissett, MD, Pediatric Resident
Morgan Cronin, MD; UCSF
Katherine Minaya, MD, MST; UCSF
Melanie Baskind, MD; UCSF
Gwen Hubner, MD; UCSF
Alexandria Valdrighi, MD; UCSF
Joshua ONeal (MA Human Sexuality); San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Olivia Low, MD; UCSF Pediatrics
Rebecca Olveda, MD; UCSF
Liat Bird MD; UCSF Pediatrics
Hannah Kohrman MD; UCSF
Jeffrey Ferrell, MD; UCSF Pediatrics
Claire Johns MD; UCSF resident
Angie Wootton, MSW; UC Berkeley
Daniel Woolridge, MD, MPH, MS; Resident Physician, Pediatrics
Gillian Dean, MD, MPH; PPFA
Manuel Martin Gonzales, MD, MA; University of California, San Francisco
Danielle Nahal MD; UCSF
Jeremy Weiser, MD; UCSF
Emiliano Lemus, MS, MD candidate; UCSF School of Medicine
Daphne Miller, MD; UCSF
Erin Wingo, MSPH; UCSF
Sarah Puryear, MD MPH; UCSF
Stephanie Frazin, MD; UCSF
Jason Harless, BS; University of California - San Francisco
Katie Giessler, MPH; University of California, San Francisco
Rebecca Schwartz, LCSW; UCSF/ZSFG
Abbey Cliffe, B.S./B.A.; UCSF
James L Carroll Jr., MD. MME; Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medial Center
Peter W. Hunt, MD; UCSF
Rebecca Riseman, FNP, MPH, MSW; Stanford Health Care
Zea Malawa, MD, MPH; San Francisco Dept of Public Health
Stephanie De La Melena, BA Integrative Biology; UCSF employee
Catalina Macdonald, M.A.Ed; UCSF
Amy Pineda; UCSF
Susan Buchbinder; UCSF
Daisy Orellana; TEACH
Alysha Aziz RN; UCSF Ward 86/Positive Health Program
Sara Newmann MD MPH; UCSF
Erika Aaron, MSN, CRNP; Phila Dept of Public Health
Julie M. French, MPA; UCSF
Julia Hankin; UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health
Rosalyn Schroeder; UCSF
Andrea Raider, NP; UCSF
Robyn Lamar, MD, MPH; UCSF
Ilana Silverstein, BA; University of California San Francisco
Amanda Yeaton-Massey, MD; UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
C. Finley Baba, MPH; UCSF, OB/GYN-RS
Siobhan Hayes, MPH; UCSF
Rebecca Amirault , CNM; UCSF
Lavanya Rao; UCSF
Mindy Goldman, MD; University of California, San Francisco
Karen Smith McCune MD, PhD; UCSF
Patricia Robertson MD; UCSF
Diana J Laird, PhD; Department of ObGyn, University of California, San Francisco
Anna M Powell, MD; Johns Hopkins
Nancy Milliken MD; UCSF
Nazaneen Homaifar, MD/MBA; UC