Offensive Anti-LGBT Evangelical Christian Video Resurfaces, Uses Terrible Stereotypes, Takes Aim at GLAAD

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An anti-LGBT YouTube video from July of 2012 resurfaced this week and is parading around the internet like a regal show pony. The video, posted by YouTube user "Apologetics", stars an unnamed woman who recites spoken word, rather unsuccessfully and foolishly, to the tune of funeral home music against a forested background about LGBT people and hell.

We thought this was a parody of anti-LGBT activists, but turns out, it's not.

"Don't propagate your hate because I have a higher standard on who you date," she begins. "I'm not here to rally against what the government legislates, I simply don't support a mind that is reprobate. Homosexuality is not innate, it is not a genetic trait. It cannot replicate the love between a man and a woman in which God did indeed create."

She draws on a slew of stereotypes—and, at one point, cites the discriminatory policy of American blood banks that prevents gay men from donating as proof for queer depravity.   

"Now I can't dictate one's life and who they call soul mate," though she's definitely trying, "I simply don't want them to bake in the lake of fire for the name of love's sake. Homosexuality can only imitate. It will always be a counterfeit, a fake. It's like a poison that intoxicates the mind saying, "You can't choose your own fate.""

While this video is months old, "Apologetics" released a new gem just two weeks ago, and GLAAD gets a few special shout outs in their newest bigoted creation. Frustrated that Christians are being "marginalized by the radical queers", the narrator says that when Christians speak out against the LGBT community, "They're given the one finger salute." People who want to retain their image, though, "They bow to the god of GLAAD."

The July video communicates this same false victimization of religious people: "To advocate for this lifestyle is considered love," she says, "and to go against it is labeled hate. It's like they don't see what's at stake until it's too late."

Anti-LGBT religious people across the nation, realizing that their voices are becoming increasingly obsolete, are falling back on this fallacious logic. As their extremist rhetoric struggles to find a welcome home in the public square, many are claiming to be the victims of religious intolerance. What they don’t seem to understand is that people not following their commands to hurt and persecute is not the same as religious intolerance. Bad religion doesn't deserve to be followed, and people are realizing it more and more.

Ever since Christianity became a privileged religion of power, men and women have been doing evil in the name of religious liberty. From the burning stakes of the Spanish Inquisition, to the lynching trees of the United States, religious persons—fearful of difference—have used their conviction for harm. We need a new face for religion in America, one that is radically inclusive, loving, and committed to fighting for the truly oppressed among us.

While these videos are disturbing, fortunately they no longer represent America's view of LGBT people. Even with the extremist language (and bad rhymes), GLAAD is proud to have its work to make entertainment, news, televnovelas, sports, the Boy Scouts and all of America more inclusive recognized. GLAAD will continue the work of keeping the public accountable for its comments, and fighting to make the country a safer place for all LGBT persons. But we won't write a poem about it.