October's IN THE LIFE looks at "20 Years of Culture Wars" and the road to marriage equality in New York

IN THE LIFE, the longest running television series highlighting LGBT issues and culture, has just celebrated its 20th birthday. Now its recently released season premiere looks back at the impact the show has made since 1992 when it first aired on public television.

20 Years of Culture Wars highlights IN THE LIFE’S accomplishments as a pivotal part of the LGBT movement. Kate Clinton, a political humorist, family entertainer, and IN THE LIFE’S first host, said, “I think the function of ‘IN THE LIFE’ has been to show an LGBT world and an LGBT point of view of the world that is an invitation to come out.” With National Coming Out Day just around the corner (October 11), such an “invitation to come out” is quite perfectly timed and just as important as ever.

New York finally legalized marriage for same-sex couples this year, and a new installment of In the States highlights New York’s road to marriage equality; who supported it, who opposed it, how it all happened, and, most importantly, what the next steps are on the road to full national marriage equality.

Congratulations to In the Life for 20 great years of important programming. As it continues to introduce our community to the world, it in turn helps those of us in our community to reflect upon ourselves.

To watch 20th Anniversary episode of In the Life, click below or visit http://www.inthelifetv.org/html/watchitl.shtml.