NonProfit Tech 2.0 recognizes GLAAD as a non-profit that excels at social media

All of us at GLAAD want to thank Heather Mansfield (blogger at Nonprofit Tech 2.0 and author of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits) for recently including us on a list of "11 Nonprofits That Excel at Social Media". Featured alongside 10 other nonprofits, Mansfield wrote of the significant criteria she audited each of our social media platforms for. 

She looked specificially at the following:

  • Consistent use of a visually compelling square avatar across all social networks
  • Custom-designed Twitter and YouTube Channel backgrounds
  • Consistent publication of fresh content to a blog or website
  • Their website, e-newsletter, and blog all include links to their social networks
  • Their blog has an e-mail newsletter subscribe option and a “Donate Now” button
  • They consistently get retweeted, repinned, and reblogged and have an active fan base on Facebook and Google+
  • They have found the right balance of what kind of content to post on their social networks and how often
  • They are early adopters and boldly pioneer the Social Web

She writes, "it was very tough to narrow it down to just eleven nonprofits. A hundred nonprofits could have easily made the list..."

We are so grateful that someone has taken the time to evaluate and commemorate our work to spread our message of equality across the social media landscape. We have seen significant increase in followership across the board especially recently from our Tumblr page which we only started back in April. We're making strides to identify important reader and supporter audiences to which we can spread our message to. Our strides were also recognized by Mashable in 2011, when GLAAD was named a finalist in the "Must-Follow Non-Profit on Social Media" category in the 2011 Mashable Awards.

We'd also like to say congrats to the other nonprofits on the list for their work as well!

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