NOM cofounder: 'Hard to see... the logical stopping place' between gay-affirming, murder-affirming Christians

Last week, National Organization For Marriage cofounder, Federal Marriage Amendment author, and Princeton University professor Robert George went on Catholic radio to talk about openly gay Christian singer Vicky Beeching.  

When pressed by host Todd Wilken for a biblical reason to stop at affirmation of consenting adults who love one another rather than move on to those who sexually abuse minors or who end the lives of others through serial murder, the prominent conservative thinker couldn't think of any "logical stopping place":

[SOURCE: Issues Etc. 8/22/14 (*above section comes around 12:00 mark)]

If you think you just heard Mr. George, who The New York Times branded "The Conservative-Christian Big Thinker," just put all gay-affirming Christians around the world in the same "logical" box as any fringe Christians who might affirm the Son of Sam Killer, then good.  Because you did.  And my only logical option is to believe that Mr. George said it because he means it.

As this movement unravels, the mask is coming off.