Nobel laureate Vargas Llosa points pen at church; supports civil unions in Peru

Peruvian writer and Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa recently drew international headlines when he criticized his country's Catholic Church for its stance on civil unions. In a very pointed column published April 20, Vargas Llosa described the church as "crassly ignorant" for saying that homosexuality was against the natural order and said passing civil unions would make Peru a more "decent" country. A libertarian and internationally read author, Vargas Llosa has spoken before in support of marriage equality.

Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, who is also archbishop of Lima, called for a national referendum on same-sex civil unions, of which he is highly critical.Cardinal Cipriani

The proposal was introduced by legislator Carlos Bruce and is expected to be voted on soon. LGBT organizations in Lima are doing a great job organizing marches and events and trying to move public opinion which unfortunately stands at approximately 61% opposed and on 31% in support of civil unions.