Nicoll, a transgender immigrant woman from Guatemala, freed from detention















Nicoll Hernandez-Polanco, a transgender woman from Guatemala in immigration detention, was finally freed with the help of Mariposas sin Fronteras a group of LGBT and allied organizers that work to free LGBT detainees. Hernandez-Polanco was placed in the men's jail and suffered abuse and harassment as a result. Despite consistent pressure from advocates and reports like this one from the Center for American Progress that outline the impact of detention on LGBT immigrants, people are still being detained. Advocates say ICE is not following the President's guidance to detain only violent offenders and that ICE is also failing to protect LGBT detainees from abuse. Many LGBT detainees come fleeing persecution in their home countries only to be placed in detention centers that many point out do not keep them safe. Not only are LGBT detainees calling out detention centers, but so are cisgender women who are on hunger strike because they have been detained though they applied for asylum.

Today is International Worker's Day, a day during which workers worldwide march for fair wages and working conditions and many migrants join the call for the same along with justice for those who are undocumented. Many LGBT undocumented and documented people are marching in cities throughout the country including West Hollywood to bring attention to worker's rights and immigrant's rights.

Although the President extended deferred action to some, many LGBT people without familial or relationship ties to citizens were left out and the extension is not a permanent solution. Few states for example allow recipients of deferred action driver's licenses, nor can they access insurance and many students under the program have to pay out of state tuition despite living in a state for a long time.

Unfortunately without changes, undocumented immigrants, including those who are LGBT, have to fight for justice, access, and equity.