Nickelodeon to honor transgender teen at annual TeenNick HALO Awards

On November 17, Nickelodeon will air the 5th Annual TeenNick HALO Awards. One of this year's honorees is Zachary Kerr, a transgender student from Methuen, Massachusetts, who is well deserving of the HALO Award. Nickelodeon's HALO Awards recognize teens who work hard to make the world a better place. Zachary is currently a freshman at Wheelock College in his home state of Massachusetts. Zachary has plenty of achievements advocating for LGBT students. His list of achievements includes speaking engagements at 200 schools in Massachusetts and meeting with the state's governor about the importance of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill.

From his TeenNick bio:

Growing up as one of three identical triplets in Methuen, Mass., Zachary Kerr always knew something wasn't quite right about his personal identity. After years of confusion and depression, Kerr discovered that he had been battling gender identity issues and decided to make a transitional journey. Throughout this transition from female to male, Kerr faced tough challenges at school from both students and teachers. He then decided to become a positive advocate for the transgender community, in order to help pave the way for more acceptance and equal treatment for others in the same transition.

Kerr joined his school's Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club and soon became president, allowing him to attend the GSA national gathering in Washington, D.C. as a youth representative. He then joined the Massachusetts Safe Schools Program for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Students, for which he runs workshops and shares his personal story to help educate school staff on how to create safe and encouraging environments. In addition, Kerr has also helped facilitate similar educational programs through Greater Boston PFLAG, where he speaks in large school assemblies, classroom groups, health classes and professional development sessions for teachers.

HALO honorees prove that you don't have to be adult to make a change. And what's more, each honoree receives prize money in the form of a grant to help further their efforts! We're tipping our hats to these awesome do-gooders –- you with us?

You can watch Nickelodeon's TeenNick HALO Awards live November 17 on TeenNick. Read more about Zachary and his inspiring story at