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Netflix's new "Tales of the City" will bring us diverse queer and trans stories in 2019

Murray Bartlett, Jen Richards, Daniela Vega, and Caldwell Tidicue aka Bob the Drag Queen join Ellen Page and Laura Linney in the new series coming in 2019.

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GLAAD talks to Marquise Vilson about his role on "Law & Order: SVU"

Marquise Vilsón plays a transgender service member who is called to testify in a rape case in "Service," tonight's episode of "Law & Order: SVU."

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GLAAD chats with Ellie Desautels from NBC's 'Rise' about trans representation on TV

Ellie Desautels, a talented young actor who is also non-binary, plays a transgender high school student on NBC's new drama "Rise."

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Honoring known cases of deadly anti-trans violence in 2017

These are the 26 transgender people known to be killed in 2017 -- all are transgender people of color, with the exception of Gwynevere River Song and Ally Lee Steinfeld. This number does not include transgender people whose deaths were not reported due to misgendering in police reports, news stories, and sometimes by the victim's family. 

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Sneak peek: On set with the trans stars of Ryan Murphy's highly anticipated "Pose"

Five transgender women will be series regulars in the hotly anticipated new FX drama.

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'Pose' cast & creative team news is a watershed moment in transgender visibility

Five transgender actors will be series regulars in "Pose," with trans people behind the scenes helping to create the stories.

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