Nick Jonas proud to play gay MMA fighter Nate Kulina on DirecTV's 'Kingdom'

Nick Jonas, famous as one third of former boyband The Jonas Brothers and now a solo artist and actor, spoke with Buzzfeed last night about the reveal of his character Nate Kulina's sexuality on the DirecTV mixed martial arts drama Kingdom and his feelings about the role. Kingdom's season finale aired last night and saw Nate getting rejected from a gay bar for being intoxicated and drunkenly hooking up with another male patron in an alley. Previous episodes of the series, which has already been renewed for two more 10-episode seasons, hinted at Nate being gay and the struggle he has to reconicle his sexuality with his identity as a fighter.

“Everyone at Kingdom was really transparent about the character and some of the things the character would go through. And in my prep work, I wanted to be aware so I could properly tell this story," Jonas said. "“The attitude I take in the stories I want to share and my personal life and my view is that I think we’re in a time where there’s a new progression. For all people of all walks of life to accept all people … I’d be thrilled if I’m any part of that.”

“I have trust in Byron and the writing team to tell these stories in a really honest and grounded way and it’s my responsibility as an actor to be that person and tell those stories the best I can,” Jonas said of Nate's story going forward. “So, absolutely I will do all I need to do. I think it would be ideal if Nate could just live in his truth and be exactly who he needs to be and be OK with it, but the reality is that, for him specifically, it’s tough. There’s a journey he has to go on, and I hold that with a lot of responsibility and I’m thrilled to get to tell this story.”

“Just because we’ve seen a truth about Nate doesn’t mean anyone else has,” show creator Byron Balasco added. “The bigger issue for Nate is not what everybody else will think but his perception of what everybody else is going to think. All of our characters are fighting for survival, fighting to understand who they are, fighting to understand their significance in the world. You always think everybody is thinking about you all the time, but the truth is, nobody’s thinking about you — period. Your sexuality isn’t as earth shattering to the other guy in the gym as you think it is, but it’s scary to actually find out that answer.”

Kingdom will return with new episodes in 2015. Read the full piece at Buzzfeed.