The next anti-LGBT export target: Peru

The sad trend of American anti-LGBT activists traveling across the globe in order to "warn" them from making the pro-LGBT "mistakes" of America continues. The latest example comes from Peru, where vehemently anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown recently spoke to local members of congress, as well as passed out copies of his propaganda book, A Queer Thing Happened to America.

For now we only have one clip, but Brown has promised to release more.  Take a look:


This new trend is chilling, frankly. From Jamaica to France to Russia, and many map stops in between, a who's who of American anti-LGBT activists, feeling defeated and increasingly marginalized here at home, are seizing the chance to stir the pot in any nation that might be willing to see them as soothsayers. It is, to the letter, the strategy we saw in Uganda a handful of years ago, when Scott Lively and other Americans started dropping into the nation and telling locals how downright awful we LGBT Americans are. We all know how that one played out.  

Perhaps these exporters of animus get a free trip and a little feeling of importance out of these gigs.  But in booking these trips, they are selling out their country and the majority of citizens who support equality for LGBT people, quite literally portraying America as some sort of fallen embarrassment for which we should apologize. They also have been inciting harsh violence against the existing LGBT population. They need to be held accountable for their words, whether spoken in the United States, Peru, or elsewhere around the world. 


*UPDATE: Our friends at Right Wing Watch remind us that Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver was also in Peru last fall, where he was treated like a visiting hero: Staver Awarded By Peruvian Government For Helping To Fight Obama's Godless Colonialism [RWW]


*UPDATE2: On his radio program today, Brown talked about how we went there to "sow seeds that could potentially impact a nation." He admits that his appearance was meant to dissuade those listening from "normalizing homosexuality."  He also says that his speech aired on national television, and that he heard there was Russian interest in his words as well.

Here now, some of those clips: