New York Times Features Straight Wedding for Marriage Equality

The New York Times profiled a straight Chicago couple whose support for marriage equality was strongly on display during their own wedding. The couple, Adrienne and Austin Vitt, wore white wristbands, as did many of their guests. The wedding included a reading from Goodridge v. Department of Public Health, the ruling that made marriage equality legal in the state of Massachusetts. The article, entitled, “Standing Up for Gay Marriage at a Straight Wedding” demonstrated the support that LGBT people have among straight family and friends.

At a time when marriage equality is on the ballot in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington, support from straight family and friends is absolutely necessary. If it were just left to LGBT people to fend for themselves, we would never have the protections that keep us and our families safe. Fortunately, support for LGBT equality is growing among people of all creeds, political affiliations, religions, races, and yes - sexual orientations.

GLAAD appreciates the New York Times lifting up straight support for LGBT people, especially around the timely and important issue of marriage equality. We hope that the story of the Vitts inspires others to take a similar stand.

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