New Southern Baptist Convention pres. claims homosexuality is Satan's con job

At its annual meeting of members, the Southern Baptist Convention today elected Ronnie Floyd as its next president.  Let's now meet the preacher and author of a book called The Gay Agenda:

"I do not rise to speak on this issue with my own agenda, but I do rise to speak on this issue with God's agenda. I do rise to speak on this issue out of brokenness, realizing the many families in our own church who have lost family members to the homosexual lifestyle. I have seen them weep, grope and beg God for divine intervention. I have sat in a circle with them, their faces drooped, so burdened with something that is beyond words. I have had some say to me, "Pastor Floyd, it would have been easier to have lost my child to death than to homosexuality. It is killing me." With this same burden, I have attempted to assist those who are in that lifestyle who want out but are so blinded by their sin they do not think there is a way out.

This burden translated into challenging one of our families to begin a ministry that would assist and minister support to other families who have lost sons, daughters, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts to the homosexual lifestyle. This ministry is called "HOPE," meaning, Heal Our Pain El Shaddai. Due to our commitment to helping these families receive assistance, our own church and this ministry has come under attack from other churches and Christians because we even minister to these families. Well, we do believe there is hope. Through the years our ministry has also ministered to those in the gay lifestyle, attempting to see them receive what they want so desperately -- deliverance.

So for any media that may be represented here due to the sensitivity of the issue, please balance what I say in relationship to my heart and actions to help those in a practical way be released from the bondage of the gay lifestyle and help their families who wait in hope for them to be set free.


It appears now that everywhere you look, everything you read and everything you hear is about the gay lifestyle. Satan has taken his tool of homosexuality, a gross and evil sin, and done a con job on the American culture, making it seem like all is okay when you are gay. I hope you are aware that what was once subtle has now turned into the rage of a lion as brazen and threatening as anything in our culture. I must sound the trumpet loud and clear, praying that we do not run in retreat, but march in the truth of God valiantly. This is not a skirmish or a conflict or a disagreement, but it is a war. The war they have declared against our culture has an agenda and we need to be aware of it."

[SOURCE: Ronnie Floyd sermon via Baptist Press]

Atta' way to build bridges, SBC!  Not a bridge to the future or to mainstream America, mind you.  But hey, at least a bridge between your deeply conservative and your so-conservative-they-make-Falwell-look-like-Che-Guevara members.

In addition to essentially equating homosexuality with death and/or Satan's personal April Fool's prank, the new SBC president has also referred to homosexuality as just an "idea.