New Lance Bass documentary explores LGBT youth in Mississippi

Openly gay singer, actor and producer Lance Bass's new documentary, Mississippi I Am, is now available on iTunes. The film follows several young LGBT people in Mississippi, a state notorious for its lack of LGBT equality and acceptance, who hope to change state that Bass grew up in for the better.

The idea for the film emerged from the press that followed the story of high school student Constance McMillen, who was told she wasn't allowed to take her girlfriend to her school's prom back in 2010. Following a lawsuit, McMillen was awarded a settlement from the school, which agreed to adopt a policy that does not allow discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. However, the case brought to light the entrenched bigotry still present in the state.

“The stories kept coming out in my home state and I was like, I need to figure out what to do about this. So I sent cameras down to see what the temperature really was,” said Bass.

The documentary hopes to inspire the LGBT community by not only documenting the struggles that the state faces but also, the progress that it is making. “Through this documentary, you see what it’s like to be a gay kid raised in Mississippi, and yes there are a lot of struggles, but in the end what’s great is the hope and the change that you’re seeing in the state,” said Bass.

Mississippi I Am is available to purchase on iTunes. Check out the official website and the trailer below!