New Hampshire Republican Chairman Against Repeal of Marriage Equality


JP Marzullo, Area 3 vice chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, wrote a powerful op-ed for the Concord Monitor in which he speaks lovingly of his son, who is gay, and asks fellow Republicans not to repeal marriage equality. In the piece, Marzullo explains how his values are in line with his belief that his son needs the same protections as everyone else. “I am a defender of the values of families, country, freedom and liberty, but I am also the father of a gay son who contributes not only to our country but also to our family,” Marzullo says. “We are blessed to live in a state where we can all be free to pursue our own happiness.”

Marzullo’s piece was published amidst the bittersweet news that while the New Hampshire legislature has decided to drop a bill that would create a statewide constitutional ban on marriage equality, it is only doing so to focus more intently on a repeal of the current marriage equality law. Referring to this repeal effort, Marzullo says, “I'm opposed to using the government to tear apart loving families…” Perhaps most importantly though, he challenges legislators and other readers to think about their own families, asking, “If you knew your child was gay would you disown him or her? If you have a strong, loving family, you would accept your child for who he or she is: your child.”

GLAAD thanks JP Marzullo for speaking out in support of New Hampshire upholding marriage equality and applauds the Concord Monitor for running this important piece.