New book, The Address of Happiness, releases free download to the GLAAD community

The Address of Happiness is a book by author, and former producer, David Paul Kirkpatrick. On July 1st, 2013, this publication will be made available to the public. The book takes the reader inside a journey of love, peace, happiness, and spirituality.

David Paul Kirkpatrick is currently following his calling of teaching Christian worldview around the country. His message pertains to "stories that matter." He produces work that will create change within culture.

Prior to this direction, Kirkpatrick was most well-known for his role as Production Chief at Walt Disney Pictures and Touchtone Pictures. For 17 years, he worked on many popular films and projects. While titled Studio President at Paramount and Disney, David watched Studio films like Flashdance, Top Gun and Father of the Bride which had significant impacts on culture, creating idioms, fashion and traditions that exist till today, shaping society.  

He also co-founded the MIT Center for Future Storytelling in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which "takes a new and dynamic approach to how we tell our stories, creating new methods, technologies, and learning programs that recognize and respond to the changing communications landscape."

"Is this a Christian book? Perhaps. It is a book Christians should read, to be sure. Is it a “gay” book? No more than it is a “straight” book, says author, Joel Watts. "It tells the story of the Great Singer of Songs who before time began sought to bring two souls together. Once enjoined to a body, they start down a path to meet each other. This is a story of love. Do we all not want the same thing?"

The release of this story couldn't have been timed any better. The Supreme Court just made two landmark decisions on marriage equality in the United States. The LGBT community has newfound inspiration and comfort in progress.

Art is a powerful tool used to move culture forward, just like media. The Address of Happiness tells a story about an experience most of culture can relate to, or longs for. Sharing this story expresses the power of love, and God's role within that miracle.

"The story is very clear. It takes the position that all relationships are God-given gifts. To many, that concept is profound, to others revolutionary. The Address of Happiness takes the view that fate is an expression of our unique, personal design, states David Paul Kirkpatrick, author of The Address of Happiness. "Our destiny is defined by how we show up, how we become what God has designed us to be. If we choose to wrapper our design with love then we are living up to the supreme message of faith: to love, to judge not, but to love."

The author has graciously offered a download of the book free of charge available to GLAAD family and friends through June 30th. You can also support the book when the hardback is released on July 1st by purchasing The Address of Happiness by David Paul Kirkpatrick here