New Blog, 'No More Strangers,' Features Voices of LGBT-Affirming Mormons

A new blog titled No More Strangers: LGBT Mormon Forum has been created to address a wide range of topics from the diverse voices, styles and perspectives of LGBT Mormons, as well as their families and allies in and around the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The title of the blog, which is influenced by a Bible passage, speaks to the sentiments of many LGBT Mormons reconciling their faith with who they are . In the blog's inaugural post, the authors explain, "We’ve chosen these words because we want this blog to be about unity across difference, about inclusion, peace and love, all hard-won on our journeys as LGBT Mormons, with families, fellow Saints and allies through the valley of death and back again to life."

This latest blog is part of a growing movement of individual members within the Mormon church to show support for LGBT people of faith. In 2012, LGBT and allied Mormons marched in Pride parades around the country. Within the Mormon hierarchy itself, there has been an attempt to reach out to LGBT Mormons through the new Website which, while not providing concrete policy changes, hints at a shift in attitudes and willingness to discuss LGBT issues. 

GLAAD has worked with No More Strangers authors Mitch Mayne and Kevin Kloosterman. Mayne is openly gay and serves as executive secretary in the Bishopric of the Bay Ward of the San Francisco Stake of the Mormon Church. Kloosterman has publicly apologized as a Mormon Bishop for his role in the hurt and anguish experienced by many LGBT people of faith under the church's policies, and has written about his own shift toward support for LGBT people.